What are your goals for 2020?  new house, new apartment, buy a piece of real estate, go on vacation, lose weight, finish that degree, save more money, better health…..

GOALS, everyone talks about achieving them, but HOW?  Where does one start?

Sometimes achieving a goal can seem like a huge undertaking, you just don’t know where to begin.  Here are some suggestions to begin achieving your goals.


Breaking down a goal into smaller achievements can help a lot.  The goal does not seem so far away if you do a little at a time.  If you need to lose 50 pounds, try losing only 4 pounds a month or 1 pound a week, by the end of the year, you will have met your goal.  Also when looking at only 4 pounds a month, your brain sees it as “I can do this” type of goal. 


Whatever your goal is, don’t dwell on the TIME it will take to achieve it.  What does that mean?  When we look at achieving your goals, and the time it will take to get there, it may seem like you will never make it.  See it this way, if your goal is getting a degree and you are working full time, you have a family etc., and you calculate that this will take 5 years.  This may seem like a long time, but when you think about it in a logical manner, 5 years will past whether you work on your goal or not, so why not achieve that goal and be proud of yourself.

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Like the time it takes to achieve it, you must also measure your goal.  If you have a school reunion in 2 months and you want to lose 60 pounds so you can sashay in there and show them who’s Boss, that may not be a measurable goal.  Losing that amount of weight in a fast time may be unhealthy, but if you want to show them who’s Boss, why not get an outfit that looks nice on you at your current weight and attend the school reunion feeling comfortable and healthy, then revisit the 60 pound goal with a more measurable timeline.


NEVER GIVE UP, remember goals are achievable.  You have to commitment to making it happen.  Whatever it takes to achieve that goal, you have to be willing to do.  If it means going to the gym, taking night classes, saving money, whatever it is, you can do it.  Nothing is impossible.  Don’t get turned around, create a Vision Board to keep you on track.  Don’t make excuses of why something is a way, create it the way you want it.  Start small and end big!!!


Sometimes when achieving your goals you may need help.  Get a mentor, ask for help.  Listen to positive affirmations, surround yourself with people who have done it and continue to do it.  Stay on track, look at the light at the end of the tunnel, not just what is in front of you.   Stay away from negative sources, ask yourself each day, “What am I going to achieve today”.

This is a fresh new year, start it off by becoming the person you always wanted to be.

NOTES:  Change is not hard….DECIDING to CHANGE is the HARD PART, make that decision TODAY.

Author: Sofia Davis – Follow us @FashionAvenueNews

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