As the first working day of the year, Fashion Avenue News is PROUD to present our 2020 covers. As you know our Motto is “Only the Best Will Do”, therefore, when considering models for the covers, we look at everything.

Ever wonder how to get on a magazine cover? Most publication will chose Models that are DRAMA FREE and easy to work with. No one wants a problem when shooting a cover. Most publication will go to the models social media, as well as speak to other industry professionals about the model, before considering them for the cover. Each Editor wants the publication seen in a positive light, as advertiser watch very closely. A publication will usually look for models that support the brand BEFORE being considered for a cover, do you follow the publication, like their pages or post, attend their events? Most publication do not need models to SELL THE PUBLICATION, the publication sells from Marketing, Public Relations and Networking, although a model may bring some extra light to the publication, it does not DEPEND on the model to sell it. It is also IMPORTANT to read the SUBMISSION GUIDELINES. I cannot tell you how many times publication receive submission incorrectly. If they request it be sent by DROPBOX, then send it by Dropbox, do not send photos by email, also make sure to submit ALL CREDITS, as everyone that worked on the submission should get credit. It may also be a good idea to read the Editorial Calendar and get a copy of the publication to see what editorials get published, this way you have a general idea of what to submit.

If your goal is to make a cover of a magazine this year, you may want to consider some of the advice above. At Fashion Avenue News we are always seeking cover models as we have over 7 publications.

Please enjoy our January 2020 covers and follow and like us on Social Media @fashionavenuenews

Maybe we will see you on our Cover this year 🙂


  1. Darrell Fitzgerald

    Since the Fashion and Modeling episodes of Public Affairs Talk Show Candid Conversations with Darrell Fitzgerald has been and is a great video production and social media marketing platform for diverse expressions by people in the Fashion Industry, I want Fashion Avenue News Magazine to see Candid Conversations with Darrell Fitzgerald as a platform available to do business in advertising, promotion and marketing with real, organic, personal connection and views and engagement. Please notify me of great Fashion Avenue News Magazine event happenings and Covers.

    Also, I would like to refer fresh, professional, upcoming, Male and Female Model faces to Fashion Avenue News Magazine.


    Darrell Fitzgerald, Interviewer and Video Content Media Broadcaster


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