Are you tired of the hustle and bustle of shopping during the holdings, running to stores trying to find that Just Right Dress, only to arrive at the store and the dress is sold out, you have ordered on line and receive your garment and it’s NOTHING LIKE THE PICTURE or it DOES NOT FIT, or you arrive at the holiday event only to see 3 other ladies in the same dress OMG.  Now you are STUCK trying to figure out what to do, so much STRESS………

Fashion Avenue News has just made your Holiday and Shopping experience STRESS FREE (from now on) ………….take a look

Let me introduce you to PRIVATE LUXURY SHOPPING.

Private Luxury Shopping is a complimentary service we provide to our Couture Clients who spend at least $150.00, (garments start at $35.00).  Here is how it works, you make an appointment to come to our Times Square office, lunch is served while you TAKE YOUR TIME to shop and try on in PRIVATE.  Whether you need something for the holidays or you’re going on vacation, we have the garments for you.  We carry all sizes (and if we don’t have it we can get it fast), we have over 5 different collections, Evening/Cocktail, Gowns, Little Black Dress, Grown, Sexy & Sophisticated Collection, Bling Body Con Collection, Resort Wear (this includes Swimwear by The Boss Lady and Water Goddesses), and an all White Collection.  We have handbags, cosmetics, jewelry, fragrances etc., all available to you while you shop in PRIVATE and STRESS FREE.  We make this convenient for you by having evening and weekend appointments (weekdays 6-9pm and weekends 3-6pm).  You can see a few photos from the collections on our Luxury Brand Page (click on luxury boutique), Facebook and IG (FashionAvenueNews), these are just a few pieces from the collections.

Fashion Avenue News, the Luxury Brand brings you the Private Luxury Shopping Experience, this is how the RICH shop, this is how the Ladies that Lunch shop, this is how it’s done in Paris, London and Milan, for the Couture Client.  We want you to have that same LUXURY experience, YOU DESERVE IT, treat yourself to LUXURY SHOPPING at an affordable price (garments start at $35.00)

For our Couture Clients, they will receive a VIP reserved FRONT ROW SEAT at our FIFI Fashion Weeks shows*.  No more rushing around to get a dress for that special event, when you sign up for our mailing list or follow our Luxury Boutique @FashionAvenueNews on Facebook and IG, we will notify you of new garments, sales and accessories. 

If you are looking for a Stress Free way to shop, where you are not RUSHED, or PRESSURED to buy, then make an appointment with Body Goddess Collection today.  Your shopping experience will be like no other.

*We work with The Boss Lady Resortwear, Le Coiffeur Cosmetics & Skin Care, Water Goddesses Resortwear, FAN Statement Jewelry and Bobette Eiza Luxury Handbags.

*Couture Clients are those that spend a minimum of $150.00 – they receive one free garment with every $150.00 spent.

*Follow us @FashionAvenueNews on Facebook and IG

Fashion Avenue News – Where Only The Best Will do!


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