Coping with Loss during the Holiday Season.

Loss is hard at any time, but especially around the Holiday Season when people are happy and having fun.

Many times we get absorbed in the “FUN” of it all and forget to check on others. It’s important we do this. If you do nothing but send a text to say “Just Checking On You” or make an appointment to have coffee, or a visit with someone that does not have family around.

Be Thankful for the family you have. Sometimes families don’t always get along, it’s ok, they are still your family and as hard as it is, try to forgive and move on.

A loss can be many things, it does not have to be a death, it can be a breakup, the end of a long friendship, a divorce or children moving away. All of these can make you feel a loss during the holiday season. If you can bring yourself to see the brighter side of things, force yourself to get up, dress up, and go out, this can help you feel better. You don’t have to spend much money either, you can roam the stores and view the windows. Visit some of the landmarks that have Holiday Cheer up. There are so many things that you can do that don’t cost much, and just moving around keeps depression at bay.

You can also volunteer your time to visit an elderly person in a nursing home. Lots of times they are alone during this time of year. I’m sure there are so many that would welcome an opportunity to just TALK to someone.

If you know of someone that has suffered a loss during or around the holiday season, reach out to them. I suggest a text or email, as the person may not feel like answering the phone or talking at length. You can also go a step further and invite that person out for a holiday dinner, you would be surprised how this can make a difference.

Please take the time to send a text or email to someone TODAY and Check on them for the holiday season, you may just save a life.

From your Fashion Family at Fashion Avenue News.

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