As most know, Fashion Avenue News, the luxury brand is always networking and looking to collaborated with others, with that said, we are more than excited to announce a Partnership with Steve Bennett, Ms. Givonshy and Toni Foster of Washington, DC to create Fashion Avenue News Washington DC.

Over the last few years we have worked on numerous project together and have explored the possibility of starting a Fashion Avenue News Magazine in the DC area.  This weekend we solidified the opportunity and Fashion Avenue News Washington DC was born.

Fashion Avenue News Washington DC, will bring you the Fashion news happening around the DC area.  It will feature Models, Designers, MUAs, and Hairstylists, along with creating amazing opportunities for Models to be on the Cover and have Editorial placement within the magazine. 

The best item about this partnership is it creates a DIRECT path to the NYC fashion industry where models would be able to audition in DC and be in a Fashion Week show in NYC, they would no longer have to travel to NYC to audition.

Fashion Avenue News Washington DC will be run by Editor-in-Chief Steve Bennett, Creative Director Ms. Givonshy and Managing Editor Ms. Toni Foster.

Fashion Avenue News brings a wealth of knowledge/guidance to the table as they have more than 20 years hands on Fashion experience, 11 active publications (Fashion Avenue News, Model World Magazine, Beauty Boss Magazine, One of a Kind Lifestyle Magazine, FAN Hollywood, FAN Caribbean, FAN India, FAN Paris, FAN Italy, FAN Couture, Sartorial Men’s Magazine) with a worldwide reach, an email marketing list with over 700,000 subscribers, NY Events that SELL OUT EVERY TIME, producer of FIFI (Fashion Industry Finest Independent designers) NY Fashion Week show, Press Pull Showroom, Luxury line of fragrances, producers of the $5,000 CASH Fashion and Beauty Olympics, Luxury on-line Boutique, Born This Way Models, Social Media presence collectively reaching almost 250,000, and a physical office in the heart of NYC Times Square, this creates a Win, Win situation for all involved.  It also gives Fashion Avenue News an opportunity to learn more about the DC fashion industry and continue to grow our Luxury Brand.

Let’s all join together and Congratulate Steve Bennett, Ms. Givonshy and Toni Foster on their new journey as Editor-in-Chief, Creative Director and Managing Editor of Fashion Avenue News Washington DC. 

We are looking forward to working with you.

P.S. Any Models, Designers, HMUA interested in New York Fashion Week runway show, Friday February 14, 2019, please contact Ms. Givonshy for additional information.


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