10am – 5:00pm


June 13, 2020 Fashion Avenue News, the Luxury Brand will present ALL DAY FASHION INDUSTRY SEMINARS, which will include a Lunch and Learn panel.

The purpose of the seminar, which will be held annually, is to educate and understand the Fashion Industry that we all work and live in.  

The event will be held at the Watson Hotel in the upstairs ballroom.  These three rooms will be divided into categories.  A:  Photography  B: Model-Stylists-Runway Class  C:  Fashion-Magazine-Producers Business.

We presently have commitments from a few industry professionals to volunteer to teach seminars.  If you would like to teach a seminar, kindly send a synopsis of your topic, which category it falls under and we will contact you.  ( If you would like to be on the lunch and learn panel, kindly let us know.  The lunch and learn panel (presently) will consist of “How to get PAID in the Fashion Industry” (this may change).

Here are some ideas for seminars – you can choose which you may want to teach.  The name can be changed, this is just a “SUGGESTION”.

  • How to Shoot Editorial for a Magazine
  • When Should a Model be Paid – & Who pays them
  • Developing your Brand
  • Marketing and PR – What is the difference and what do you need
  • Short Models – There is a place for them
  • Designers, should you do a Fashion Week Show
  • The Social Media Influence on the Fashion Industry
  • Model Management, Model Agency or Agent, which do you need and what’s the difference
  • How to Vendor at a Fashion Show
  • How to get into the Fashion Industry
  • How to open an On line Boutique
  • How to get an Agent?
  • Designers, What do you expect when you do a Fashion Show
  • Print or Digital – Which one works for your industry
  • Kid Models – How to protect your Child in the Fashion Industry
  • Designers, how to get sales for your garments
  • Creating a Look Book
  • Contracts – Exclusive or Non Exclusive
  • Model Agency SCAMS – how can you tell?
  • What happens when you are signed to an Agency?
  • What should a Model Pay for?
  • How to choose a photographer
  • What is a Mood Board and do you need one?
  • How to Submit photos to a magazine
  • How to Write for a Publication
  • Is Fashion Week DEAD
  • A Models Job is to SELL THE GARMENT, not yourself
  • Fashion Bloggers – the new Queens of Media
  • How to get followers on Social Media
  • Stylist – What does a Stylists do and how to become one
  • Fashion Designers – What do they look for in a Model
  • How to become a Cover Girl
  • How to become a Make Up Artist
  • How to become a Hair Stylist
  • How to produce a well organized fashion show
  • What does a Fashion Coordinator do?
  • Become a Model Casting Director
  • How to become a Model Agent
  • What you need to open a Modeling Agency
  • Do you need a Publicist?
  • How to get Celebrities in your garments
  • What makes an Editor-in-Chief Love your Editorial
  • What is an Editorial Calendar and why you need one
  • Modeling at any age (Agencies that only take 45 years old and up)
  • Plus Size Modeling – Don’t call me PLUS, I’m a Model
  • Model Casting – How to SLAY and get the job
  • Fashion Commentators – What is their Job
  • Fashion DJs are not your regular DJs
  • How to Level Up in the Fashion Industry
  • A Model Bag – What should you always have
  • Should I enter a competition – What are the benefits (Model/Designer)
  • Fashion Designers – What do you need to SELL YOUR GARMENTS
  • How to get signed for a Campaign
  • Clean up your Social Media – Agencies are WATCHING

At Fashion Avenue News, we feel you cannot have enough education and we welcome EVERYONE to attend this event.  With your help, we can make this an annual event. Tickets are FREE.

Once we have the seminars set, we will release the FREE TICKETS and people will be able to choose which seminars they want to attend.  Each room will feature 5 Seminar, so that is 15 seminars to choose from and one Lunch and Learn Panel. (Did I mention this is a FREE EVENT 🙂 Vendors are welcome to the event for a reasonable fee.

Each room will have 5 seminars (Rooms A, B & C)
A:  Photography  B: Model-Stylists-Runway Class  C:  Fashion-Magazine-Producers-Industry Business


10:00-10:45                SEMINAR

11:00-11:45                 SEMINAR

12:00-12:45                SEMINAR

1:15-2:15                    LUNCH & LEARN PANEL

2:30-3:15                    SEMINAR

3:30-4:15                    SEMINAR

4:30-5:00                    WRAP UP

5:00 UNTIL                LOUNGE AREA


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