Fashion Avenue News, the Fashion SuperPower & Luxury Brand produced the $5,000 CASH Fashion and Beauty Olympics at the Watson Hotel, Saturday October 12, 2019.

There is only ONE WINNER in this prestigious event. 

Here’s how the epic battle played out……

2:00pm the judges start to arrive; Bobette Eiza Luxury Handbag Designer, Flora Montez producer of Bronx Fashion week, Atlantic City Fashion week Producers Jeana & Lamount Bowling, SuperModel Phyllis Spencer, prior winner Designer Kenya Smith, FIT Professor Larry Byrd and Designer Ray Brown of the Ray Vincent Brand. They were instructed on the rules of the event, and at 3:30pm backstage inspection of Models and Designers began.

Judges are lead backstage with note pads to record their scores.  When we inspect a garment, it is truly inspected FROM THE INSIDE OUT….. because a garment looks fabulous on the outside, does not mean it is the same inside.  We had each designer turn the garment inside out and the judges inspected the stitching, zippers, belts, fabrics, linings, etc., everything had to be ON POINT….. This was the MOST important part of the designer competition and where they got their highest scores.

Once the inspection was done, the judges then went to the Models.  Models had to stand in front of the judges, lift their arms and turn around, so the judges could inspect front, back and feet.  Everything had to be 100% for this showcase.

Hosting this great event was the one and only VELVET VOICE – Tyrone Chablis. He knows how to get the crowd in a uproar. The front row was full of FASHION ROYALTY, Andrene “The Black Mae West” Williams, Couture Designer Norman Josey of Lock Down, SuperModel Duchesses, Couture Accessory Designer Phil Harris, SuperModel Karen, SuperModel Kontessia, SuperModel Sharon Folks, YU Model Agency owner Drew Felton, Wendy “Boss Lady” Isaac, Prashant Goyal, Photographer Paul Walker, Mr. Don Pittman – NYC Shoot a Thon, SuperModel MiMi, WebDesigner and Social Media Manager Mabel, Fashion Blogger Dashna Compere and many industry greats.

To explain the fairness of the event, the designers went by NUMBER not NAME.  We wanted the judges to vote by the garment not for the name or background of the designer.  It was AMAZING.

Each designer got to show 4 pieces of their choice.  They did not have to show in a specific category, just show their strong points.  We wanted to make sure the designers were in a comfortable element where they could do their best work.

And WORK THEY DID…. Designer after designer, BROUGHT IT to the runway, each one was fabulous.  From as far away as Antigua to Washington DC and more, the fabulousity never ceased.  Trains were the full length of the runway, capes, tooling, ballroom gowns, extended shoulders, angel capes kissing the ceiling, jewel dripping body suits, flowing gowns, jeweled earrings, big bracelets, peacock feathers everywhere, style, drama, glamour, and chic, dresses so voluminous it took two people to get the some of model on the runway.

It was fabulous all evening and into the night.  

All the designers are considered winners as they had the confidence to enter into the competition.

When the dust settled and scores were tallied, there was only one winner….MALCOLM STAPLES of Washington DC.  Not only did he get $5,000 in CASH but he also gets a 3 day POP UP (Thursday, Friday & Saturday) at the BrownStone Boutique in Harlem courtesy of Princess Jenkins.


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