What was your Saturday like, wellllll mine was FABULOUS, spent with amazing designers and Supermodels…… here’s what happen

I had the opportunity to attend the Beyond Styles By Miles Fashion and Health event at Salem United Methodist Church on 7th Ave @ 129th St.  Upon arrive, I run into Boxer Ray Mercer, who I quickly get a photo with.


Downstairs the health fair in full swing.  Table after table is filled with helpful information about health.  There were numerous health seminars and films as well.

The fashion show presented the Fashion HeavyWeights, Christian Ruart, Drew Felton, Franklin Row, Harlem’s Heaven Hats by Evetta Petty, John Ashford, and Larry Underwood!!!  What a line up.  These are the FASHION POWER PLAYERS, they don’t follow fashion, they MAKE FASHION.  You cannot have a great show without great SUPERMODELS, Phyllis Spencer, Stacy (Scorpion Queen), Eugenia, just to name a few.

A stand out at the show was the SUSHI hat worn by Evetta Petty, fabulous and it makes you hungry – LOL

Each and every designer was on point and amazing.  This was a GREAT event, not only did you see a fashion show, but you could get a health check-up and information as well.

Another wonderful show by Daryl Miles – “Beyond Styles By Miles”.  Follow and support the independent designers. 


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