Amazing elegance, talent and creativity is what I witnessed at the Power of Fashion in Washington DC.

Nestled within an intimate setting, with clouds of Fashion Icons, Power Players, Legends and Celebrities, the Power of Fashion took total control and filled a void on the fashion calendar.  Washington DC has arrived.

In a mansion, filled with turn of the century elegant vases and arm chairs, the perfection took to the runway.  Garment after garment, model after model, designer after designer, all were fabulous.  They did not skip a beat.

The show was taken to the next level by the attendees, Legend and Godfather of Fashion, John Blassigame, the Grand Dame Fashion Icon, Sofia “The Black Anna Wintour” Davis, Oprah Winfrey’s Make Up Artist, Derrick Rutledge, fresh from his New York Saks 5th Avenue product launch and celebrity Tee Artists, WOW and that’s just a few of the people that were in the room.

The hair and make up were impeccable.  The DJ knew just the volume for the music so you were never distracted by the beat, the focus was solely on the designs.

To set it off, the host sashayed her garment down the runway, just so you could get an idea of what was in store.

I could go on and on but to tell it truthfully, the Power of Fashion has put DC on the Fashion Map.

Thank you to all involved, and a special thank you to Steve Bennett, Ms. G , Toni Burnett and Toni Foster, you were amazing.

Notes:  Designer photos may not be listed in show order.  In an attempt to get this post out expediently, the designers, and involved show staff are listed below. If any names are omitted, kindly let Steve Bennett know.

PRODUCTION TEAM – Steve Bennett, Givonshy Smith,
Toni Foster, Toni Burnett.

All Photo Credits: Marc Phelan

Designers:  Gamakache Black, Katya Avdeev Couture, Haus of Falenci’ago, Designer Jamal Harris

HOST:  Dr. Renee Allen

Location:  Perry Belmont House 1618 New Hampshire Avenue, NW Washington DC

DJ – Curley Sue

Glam Squad:  Dana Falls, Tieasha Ferguson, Jeanette Dozier, LaKresha Mitchell, Keisha Wallace, Julianna Yates, Shene Shropshire, Reva Fran, Dominique Jones, Dominique Felder, Ra’Chelle Dennis, Octavia Barber, Millicent Queen, K. Lashawn Hill, Tina Addison

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