FIFI FW held Friday September 13, 2019 at the Watson Hotel Embassy Ballroom, took NY FW by STORM – IT WAS PACKED!!!!

This amazing, professional, precision event showcasing the FASHION INDUSTRY FINEST INDEPENDENTS, is exactly what FASHION WEEK should be. 

STRAIGHT NO CHASER – Chief Executive Producer, Sofia Davis, is a marketing genius.  Giving detailed attention to every aspect of FIFI FW, it runs like a well oiled machine.  She chooses her designers by the quality of their work not their ability to pay the participation fee.  Sofia says “It’s important that the designer have a “COLLECTION” not just garments thrown together”.  She meets with each designer, either by video or in person at her Times Square office.  She says “If we are calling it the Fashion Industry Finest Independent designers, (FIFI), we have to live up to that name.

She employs some of the most talented hair and make up artists in the business.  This season the HMUA team was led by The Baron Tyler Team, amazing work.  Kontessia Atkins continued in her role as Director of Models, Nanette Swain, Sharon Folks and Mimi Carter held down the front of the house.  Marie worked as production assistant. Backstage was supervised by Paul Walker and Wendy Isaac (Boss Lady).  Mr. Don Pittman was Director of Media and Pitt Master.

Mere Natur Hair Couture was on hand displaying their UNIQUE COUTURE HAIR. Imported from India, Mere Natur Hair Couture is the softest, non tangle hair to enter the beauty industry. Justin & Deep run this amazing company and we were overjoyed to have them on hand. Their product is in line with what FIFI stands for FASHION INDUSTRY FINEST INDEPENDENT – Where only the BEST will do. Visit them on the IG at


FIFI FW provides a Live Mannequin Showroom, where designers can meet with Buyers, Consumers and Press/Media to introduce their lines. The Live Mannequin Showroom is open from 12:00-3:00pm and is FREE to the Public to attend.

11-year-old Jayden, designer of JAW by Design received a STANDING OVATION – he came all the way from Houston Texas and shut down NYFW with a stunning collection.  He creates all his garments, drapes, cuts and sews…. Did I mention he is only 11 years old, #FABULOUS.

We want to say a special thank you to designer Larry Underwood.  Larry came in at the 9th hour because one of our designer’s father passed away the night before the show.  We called Larry Underwood and he did not hesitate to step in.  THANK YOU LARRY.

All of our Designers did an amazing job.

FIFI FW treats their models like Superstars.  They have a Model Lounge where they can relax and refresh.  Food is served so models are not hungry as it is a long day.  Models arrived on time and executed on the runway.

FIFI FW is a PROFESSIONALLY RUN show, that gives designers the opportunity to SELL GARMENTS, not just SHOW GARMENTS.  It’s important that designers create a relationship with the consumer, regardless of whether they have a physical store or not.  It’s important they have a way to sell their garments.  That is the purpose of FIFI FW.

Model Auditions for FIFI FW February 14, 2020 will be held Saturday November 16, 2019 at Simple Studios, 134 W. 29th Street, 2nd Floor, Studio 206 from 1-4pm. Female Models: 5’8″ – 6’0″ 16 years old and up. Male Models: 5’10” – 6’2″, Medium built. Models can register by clicking the side menu.

We have FREE TICKETS up and available for the next FIFI FW Friday February 14, 2020.

Review by Diane Regal; Photos by Mr. Don Pittman; HMUA: by The Baron Tyler Team and S. Velling

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