Sofia Davis, Editor-in-Chief of Fashion Avenue News and Model World Magazine, is always seeking a way to help Fashion Designers & Models. In 2000 she held her first $5,000 CASH Designer Award Show, entitled the Fashion And Beauty Olympics (FABO – pronounced FAB – the O is silence). The event was held every 4 years since then. In 2015 she held a $10,000 Show with one Designer winning $5,000 and one Model winning $5,000, she is now back with the 2019 $5,000 Designer Award Show. This will be an annual event. Here is a picture of our 2015 winners.

The $5,000 CASH Fashion And Beauty Olympics will be held Saturday October 12, 2019 at the Watson Hotel (upstairs) Ballroom. (Tickets are on Sale now, $25.00, cheer on your favorite designer). This event is to give ONE designer a financial foundation to expand their careers. There is only ONE WINNER, no runner ups, no 2nd place, just ONE designer winning $5,000 CASH THAT NIGHT, NO WAITING…..

If you are a designer or know a designer, that could use $5,000 CASH, kindly have them email SDavis@FashionAvenueNews.com or visit our Luxury Brand page http://www.FashionAvenueNews.com for additional information. There is a participation fee.

FYI – The $5,000 CASH Model Award is coming May 16, 2020 – sign up NOW…. to be included…..


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