Bling Darling, the Luxury Sunglass line created by The Grande Dame of Fashion, Sofia Davis is on POSE the Emmy nominated, much talked about (I can’t wait for the next episode) TV show.

First, I want to give a BIG Thank You to Joseph Davis and Billy Porter for making this all happen. I was overjoyed when Joseph requested the Bling Darling Luxury Sunglass Brand for an appearance on the show. This is how it happened…. one day, before leaving on my Cruise, a stylist young man stopped me on a NYC street and asked where I got the Bling Sunglasses I was wearing….. I told him I make them and the rest (as they say) is history.

I always tell people NEVER GIVE UP on your DREAMS. Sometimes just when you’re thinking of throwing in the towel, something MAGICAL will happen. Keep the FAITH, be a good person and goodness will come to you, give out the vibe you want to receive.

I am so THANKFUL to GOD for allowing me this opportunity and the entire POSE TV team for allowing the Bling Darling Luxury line to be on POSE Season 2 (Episodes 7 and 8). I am presently working on a new collection and I hope they will consider having Bling Darling as a regular.

Again, THANK YOU JOSEPH DAVIS and BILLY PORTER for making this happen for a girl with a dream.

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