Should You Allow Your Teenager To Participate In Beauty Pageants

Many teens aspire to take part in beauty pageants only some parents support their children in this.  These competitions do boost up the confidence of the child, which is very good. 

Your child participating in a beauty pageant is not as bad as some think it to be.  It gives them a platform to exhibit their talents to the viewers.

The biggest advantage of competing in a beauty pageant is the winner’s gift itself.  This may be a cash prize, ribbons, cups, scholarships, vouchers, etc. Not to forget the special fame that is associated with the competition. 

The darker side is that it might double the mass media attention that is not cared for by everyone.  Though on that point are galore of teens, who might cherish it and it could be very lucrative for many who have an interest in show business.

Again, in that respect are a count of disfavors as well of having teenagers get into beauty contests. The foremost demerit is the amount of time and money spent in participating in these beauty pageants.  People who really invest lots of time visiting places all over the globe to facilitate their teen beauty contestant.  On the other side, these might end up passing on financial and emotional depression on losing.

Some parents feel that beauty pageants are merely for good-looking and slender. This is not at all right as every adolescent has the eligibility to take part in a beauty pageant. The touchstones not only calculate on, whether the adolescent is tall, short, fat, or slender as they have rights in participating whatsoever beauty pageant they like to participate in.  After all, a beauty pageant is not just about appearances, but is about looks with natural endowment and brains.

These are just some of the advantages and disadvantages of letting adolescents enroll beauty pageants. Parents should preserve in mind, that if their teenagers ask them to support them and would like to participate in beauty contest, they should be permitted, after considering the other affairs linked with that particular contest.

Author:  Jaison Williams

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