This month Fashion Avenue News, Model World Magazine, One of a Kind Magazine and Beauty Boss Magazine are happy to present their March Covers.


Editor-in-Chief, Sofia Davis says, “Each month we look to be better than we were the last month, our goal is not to outdo anyone, it’s to OUTDO OURSELVES.  We continue to strive to CHALLENGE OURSELVES.  Each and every day we seek out the best of the best, ordinary just won’t do!  We are leaders, not “followers”.  We step out on faith and take the chance, we are not AFRAID.  We WELCOME the IMPOSSIBLE, as it’s only IMPOSSIBLE until WE DO IT.” 

We remain excited about the growth of our Luxury Brand.  In just 2 months of 2019 we have accomplished great things;  we opened our LUXURY BRAND BOUTIQUE on AMAZON, ETSY, EBAY and coming to Instragram shortly.  We continue to educate ourselves by taking workshops with GOOGLE, learning how to grow and maintain our brand.  We have taken workshops at FIT to understand what it means to be a LUXURY BRAND and we continue to educate ourselves on Brand Building, Marketing and expansion.


We have introduced our Luxury Brand Carry All MODEL BAG with our signature LOGO and BrandSite inscribed on it.  We are presently working on our Luxury Bag Campaign.  Look out for our GIVE AWAY CAMPAIGN coming soon to IG.  Discounts are available to those that pre-order.

We have introduced our 2nd Men’s Fragrance, “INVINCIBLE”, and are honored to have Celebrity Gio (no last name needed) as our fragrance campaign SuperModel.  We debut our 5th female fragrance “BODY & SOUL”, a fragrance party is coming shortly.

We produced FIFI FW – Fashion Industry Finest Independents – WE HAD TO TURN DESIGNERS AWAY, and request they re-apply for our September 13, 2019 show (save the date, tickets are available already, get your FREE ticket TODAY, you know how it was this season – PACKED).  With over 800 Press/Media people registered, and turning away over 2,300 guest, the hotel putting up barricades to help with the crowd, we started and finished in RECORD BREAKING TIME.  We showed 15 Designer Brands with 12 garments each, in one hour in 15 mins…. NO HOST TALKING, NO SINGING, NO JOKES, NO DANCING, JUST STRAIGHT TO THE POINT RUNWAY!!!!! Designers are trying to SELL GARMENTS, NOT BE ENTERTAINED!!!!!


We are producing our first ANNUAL ROOFTOP RESORT, SWIMWEAR & ACCESSORY SHOW, Saturday June 22, 2019.  This EXCLUSIVE event will be held at the FASHION AVENUE NEWS HEADQUARTERS in TIMES SQUARE.  This is an “Invite Only” “Fashion A-Listers) event, (as our rooftop only holds 200 people).  The event will focus on Designers connecting with Press/Media and Customers.  Here designers and consumers can network together while spending a sunny afternoon on our ROOF TOP watching a fashion show.  After the show, you are invited to purchase or order any of the garments from the show.  Kindly feel free to request an invite – SDavis@FashionAvenueNews.com

We are producing our first “ALL MEN’S FASHION & AWARDS SHOW” featuring the BEST OF THE BEST MALE MODELS and MEN’S WEAR DESIGNERS in the industry.  These Models were “hand picked” by the designers, they did not have to audition.  Stop by the Aloft Hotel, Friday March 1, 2019 @5:00pm and enjoy a great FREE show and see who is honored with a FASHION OSCAR. http://www.TheFashionOscars.com – DARLING


Some of the benefits of working with Fashion Avenue News Luxury Brand is, we are A-listed with many Public Relation firms around the world.  We recently received an invitation to cover a Paris fashion show, ALL EXPENSE PAID.  We are sending our Photographer to the event.   It’s a great networking and brand building experience for us.  We also receive up to the minute news; we were sent footage and photos of the Oscars……..that’s a Public Relations list I’m glad to be on.

The bottom line is, “when you put out a excellent product, people will take NOTICE”.  We are always interested in networking and collaborating with other brands and talent.  Feel free to contact or meet with us and see how we can work together.   Follow our  fashion blog, http://www.FashionAvenueNews.com, get on the VIP List for Guaranteed seating at our events.

Take a look at our covers and support independent fashion publications.

NOTES: We are not PERFECT, we make MISTAKES, but we LEARN from them, we are always learning.



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