With 10 shows to cover per day, Zang Toi is my most anticipated show of NY fashion week.  My love for this show comes from the continued creativity the designer brings each season.

The pre-show electricity was ignited by American patriotic inspired music, this set the tone.  Zang Toi showed his love for America.

Hitting the runway were all American looks from Converse to Demin.  There was dark denim with high top Converse sneakers and skinny jeans.  You cannot get more American than Converse.

Zang Toi showed evening pieces of bright, bold red dresses, fox kimono sleeves, the perfect jewel necklaces.  The makeup was fresh, the hair was young and bouncy.


The Editor’s Choice were the American Flag garments.  I loved these; the navy silk satin skirt with hand beaded American flag and the Grand Finale, portrait of All American Freedom Gown.


The show was inspiring, and the message is clear, Zang Toi – this Land is your Land.  What a beautiful show.

Photo Credits:  House of Toi; In House Photographer: Eka Halim – EPH Photo; Make Up: Beauty By Rudy for Ubati New York; Hair Styling:  Joe Dimaggio for Davines; Hair Styling: Eiji of Sahag Workshop; Nails: Nail Taxi

One Comment

  1. Bobette Reid

    Zang Toi -“THIS LAND IS YOUR LAND” Beautiful… just beautiful.!!

    Beautifully adorned in this collection the words voiced clearly– “this is also my country” Absolutely!! It doesn’t matter your heritage. It is your U.S.A. as it is mine. Its all for US.

    I dont kow for anyone but It watms my heart whenever I see someone work so hard as Mr. To to accomplish his dream. It give me hope that I too can do the same in my U.S.A Country.

    It motivates me to work harder, it tells me that no matter where we are from, who we are, or to what part of the world we originated, we are all one and the field is wide open for you and for me. It’s up to you to play if you so desire. Congrats Zang Toi.


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