The Asian Fashion Collection put together an amazing array of talented of men and womens wear designers.  While all the designers were outstanding, the Editors Choice at Fashion Avenue News were Kanon and FEY, with an fabulous display of creativity.  Take a look.







The purpose of the Asia Fashion Collection is to discover and nurture young designers who are from Asia. Organized by Vantan Inc. and PARCO. Co. Ltd., AFC debuted February 9th 2019 at NYFW showing both menswear and womenswear.

Seven brands revealed their collections during the runway show. All of the brands and designers are from Asian countries.

1) FEY MINORIYANAGASE by Minori Yanagase – Japan

2) TITAT by Titat Kuantrakul – Thailand

3) CAHIERS by Ayoung Kim – South Korea

4) TSUNG YU CHAN by Joe Chan – Taiwan

5) HYUN JUNG by Hyun Kyeong Jung – Parsons (born in South Korea)

6) kenichi. by Kenichi Ishida – Japan

7) KANON by Kanon Hayata  – Japan

Over 360 guests arrived consisting of press and buyers from all over the world attended the show and applauded each up in coming designers from Asia.

Notable attendees include:
Jessica Riffle of Vogue, Jeffery Clark Grossman of Vogue, Eri Kitasaka of WWD Japan, Gabriela Ramos of ELLE, TV Host Cognac Wellerlane, GUCCI Consultant Theodore Powell, Erroll Murray of The Fashion Reporter, Ana Gomez Salcido of Heraldo de México, Leon Jeremy Carver of FOX’s Empire, Fredrico Kennedy of Ralph Lauren, Russ Joseph of London Post, Stylist Jason C. Peters, Stylist Jason Schwartz.

About Asia Fashion Collection (AFC)

An incubation project produced and supported by Vantan Inc. and PARCO, in cooperation with other Asia-based partners. AFC is passionate about widening the reach of the fashion industry by fostering the growth of the continent’s most promising up-and-coming designers.

About Vantan Inc.

The history of Vantan began over 52 years ago in a small garage in Ebisu, Tokyo. Led by a team of visionary professionals, Vantan now provides a wide range of programs in the Creative Arts. These include fashion, hairstyling, makeup artistry, cosmetology, graphic design, film, photography, game design, animation, manga, sound design and culinary arts. With over 190,000 graduates to date, Vantan’s unique approach to hands-on, business-oriented education has solidified it as a vanguard institution.


Since the establishment of Ikebukuro PARCO in 1969, they have actively sought to showcase culture in all forms. Though they deal primarily in fashion, they are also involved in music, visual art, drama, and have brought a splash of color to consumer culture, as a whole. These initiatives have established PARCO as a creative space, allowing them to attract a great number of people with enormous talent. Together they are enlarging a circle of creativity that’s paving the way for the next cultural movement.

PR/Beauty Acquisition & Creative: New York Tokyo
Show Production: Kuroko Inc.

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