Fashion Week has started, you know that because amazing shows are popping up.

I had the honor of attending FASHION WEEK NY produced by the Power Couple, Dynamic Duo, Lamont & Jeana (no last name needed, they are Celebrities).  I LOVE THESE PRODUCERS – They give you a SHOW and it’s always on POINT!!!! That’s why I keep coming back, again and again.

First of all, I have to talk about that beauty team… I said before….PERFECTION, I don’t where they got them, but they should keep them, these beauty professionals know how to handle a show.  I had the opportunity to be backstage and I saw them touching up the models before they went out, they check the hair, EVERYTHING.   Make up – PERFECT ….. Hair – Perfect- This beauty team delivers.  I LOVE THEM!!!!


Opening this fabulous event was “EYES ON ME” Resort Wear by Designer Paul A. Walker.  He took it to a whole other level…. the models were AMAZING.  The great thing about this collection, is it was just that –  A COLLECTION – many designers put pieces together, but it’s not a COLLECTION, it pieces put together.  With EYES ON ME, you could see the flow and transition of the garments, from opening to closing…. What a great show to watch.  (I believe he had some Elves backstage helping him.)  Eyes on Me is part of his Water Goddesses House.

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One of the reasons I LOVE this show is the Producers, THEY DON’T PLAY, if you are LATE, you are not doing this show Darling…. You are being sent HOME………. I love the fact that they are professional, start on time and have great designers.

No show is complete without a Director of Media, Mr. John Staples…. He rules with an IRON FIST…. I love this guy because if anyone tries to get slick and sneak in under a Media/Press name, he will call that Media outlet and CHECK to make sure that person is affiliated with the organization.  This is the correct way to run a Media Pit. Keep up the good work John.

The entire show was FABULOUS, this is a MUST SEE SHOW EACH SEASON, follow them at ACFW or Fashion Week NY.

Photo Credits:  Director of Media: John Staples and Paul A. Walker



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