Fashion Avenue News is at it again.  We have submitted a new word to the Urban Dictionary, “SLAYLEBRITIES”; I also am the creator of “SlayLebrity” and “Jewel Dropping” the words has been accepted by the Urban Dictionary and I am credited with creating them.

You know the SLAYLEBRITY HAND BAG IS COMING SOON!!!!!!! check out Slaylebrity.com (Darling)




Take a look:


The plural of Slaylebrity – SlayLebrities may not be rich like Celebrities, but they have just as much style and class as celebrities.

celebrity style fashion slay

Darling you know she is a SLAYLEBRITY, she burns up a runway.
Girl, you need to get him to host your show, he is a SLAYLEBRITY, he can work a mic
My front row was full of SLAYLEBRITIES at the NY Fashion Week show, Darling they were fabulous

Darling her event is always packed with SLAYLEBRITIES
Darling the show has SLAYLEBRITIES everywhere
In walked SlayLebrities, one after another, it was FIERCE
by FAN161 January 24, 2019
Jewel dropping is a person that is looking to educate others, a mentor or leader. One who looks out for the younger ones coming up by educating or mentoring them before they make mistakes. This is someone that is a positive force in the community and is always looking out for the younger people. You can go to this person with any problem or idea and they will give you a logical answer. They are well respected for their knowledge and years of dedication to a specific area (fashion, community service, etc.)
That is one “Jewel Dropping” smarteducatingknows what she’s talking aboutMama, she always give good advice. That man is a Jewel Dropping Dog, he knows his stuff. I got big time respect for her, she be Jewel Dropping. Man, he a Jewel Dropping MOFO, you can ask him anything smart, fair, intelligent jewel dropping
by FAN161 May 10, 2017
A Slaylebrity is a person that is equilivant to a celebrity but does not have celebrity money. They are FLY, have STYLE, know what to wear on which occassion, etc. same as Celebrity just in the neighborhood. A neighborhood Celebrity.
She is a Slaylebrity, she must sit in the front row.
She was the same before she was a Slaylibrity, a classy person always.
He a Slaylebrity now, but still humble, helping everyone in the neighborhood.
by FAN161 January 29, 2019


URBAN DICTIONARY:   https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=SlayLebrities


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