Fashion Avenue News, the Luxury Brand is proud to announce the addition of Kontessia Atkins as Director of Models.

We receive an overwhelming amount of request from Models that would like to be featured in the magazine, either cover or editorial.  There are also a number of Models that would like to be in our Fashion events. With the addition of Kontessia as Director of Models, her responsibilities will include the casting of models for Covers and Editorials, along with Fashion castings.

Kontessia is no new comer to the world of modeling and fashion, she presently directs and casts numerous fashion events.  Being a Model herself, she knows what a Producer looks for.  I was “won over” when I attended a show and I kept asking “who is the show director” the show was so smooth and on time, everything was fabulous…… it was Kontessia!!!!  I knew then I had to work with her.  Her work speaks for itself, no resume needed!!!!!  She is a PROFESSIONAL.  If she is working the show, that is what she does, she does not try to be EVERYWHERE, like being in the show, directing the show, being the MUA etc; believe me she can do it all, but does not feel the need to prove that.

She also has a number of fashion training classes for people looking to start, improve or better their fashion presentation.  She is a smart cookie, take a look at what she teaches.


Kontessia will also co-host the upcoming Model World TV show, featuring Models, Designers and more.

Model/Designers interested in participating in any upcoming events, kindly DM Kontessia and she will set up an audition appointment at the FAN Office Headquarters in Times Square.

We look forward to working with you all.  Help me welcome Kontessia to the Fashion Industry Finest Independents Fashion Avenue News family.  We are very PROUD to have her.

NOTE:  Kontessia is presently casting for the FREE – FABULOUS Resort, SwimWear & Accessory ROOFTOP Fashion Event at the Fashion Avenue News Headquarters in Times Square.  The show is Saturday June 22, 2019 (mark your calendars); The FREE All Star Male Fashion Event on Friday March 1, 2019 at the Aloft Hotel; Fashion on the Hudson April 6, 2019 and our FIFI FW September 13, 2019.   Anyone interested in being in the show, kindly DM Kontessia Atkins.





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