Most know that before there was Fashion Avenue News, there was BTE TV – Beauty Television and Entertainment.  This commercial TV show aired on Time Warner Cable Network for over 15 years with Sofia Davis as Chief Executive Producer.  The show aired DAILY, as well as 3 times on Saturday and 3 times on Sunday.  We leased an entire channel, viewed by 8.5 million.

Realizing the times were changing from watching TV in your home to watching TV on your phone, we moved from Network TV to Online TV, changing the name to reflect our new direction, Fashion Avenue News TV, the Luxury Brand.  Working diligently for many years to build our luxury brand, we are now ready to launch our TV Network once again.

Fashion Avenue News will produce 5 TV shows; each affiliated with our Magazine brands:

            Fashion Avenue News TV

            Model World TV

            Beauty Boss Magazine TV

            One of a Kind TV

            FIFI TV (Fashion Industry Finest)

Hipster people concept. Collage (mosaic) of fashionable men, women with stylish accessories, glasses, healthy and unhealthy food, wearing trendy clothes. Close up. Studio shot.

We are please to have the following host: Model World TV – Kontessia Atkins & Paul Walker; Beauty Boss TV – Samantha Velling; One of a Kind TV – Steve Silver.  We are presently searching for additional TV host for FIFI TV.

The TV programs will air weekly at specific times.  This is a great way to build our audience and make sure our advertisers get the most we have to offer.  The TV programs are all part of our growing Luxury Brand, with even more surprises on the way.

The TV program will be filmed in the comfortable Headquarters of Fashion Avenue News in Times Square.  If you are interested in being a guest, feel free to DM any of our host.  For advertisement, kindly email  If you’re interested in learning TV from the ground up, feel free to volunteer with us.

NOTES:  We are interviewing additional host and reporters, if interested feel free to DM @FashionAvenueNews.  More information and a brief overview of what each program will focus on will be on our website shortly.

fashion model wearing black dress and sunglasses

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