Love Your Legs With Luxury – Hosiery, That Is!


If you’re anything like me, you absolutely DREAD having to wear hosiery! Tights that force you to pull them so hard you create holes in the feet, that droop because they can’t be pulled higher than your pelvic bone, thigh-highs that constantly roll down, who came up with this horrible invention?!

So I was skeptical to say the least when I first tried Glamory Hosiery.  Come to find out, Glamory has fixed every hosiery problem you can think of, especially for a fuller figure, with their flat sewn seams, reinforced knitting in toes and panty area, two-staged waist bands, and real lace from Italy. Their hold-ups actually STAY up and the waist of their tights do not create a visible line under clothes.  And the cherry on top is that everything is available in sizes Medium to 4XL, or dress size 32. In all, they carry 34 different styles, 370 different individual products, and ten different color combinations. Silhouettes include thigh highs, stockings, pantyhose, and knee highs.

You’d think that would be enough to go shopping right this second, but Glamory goes further in its quest for inclusivity. They provide hosiery for men, a-gender, bi-gender, and transgender people and even just launched a new collection in collaboration with Auf Augen Hoehe Designs, which designs clothing for little people (people with dwarfism), to become the first and ONLY hosiery brand to make hosiery for little people. You don’t get more diverse than that!

Owner Timothy Gettler states “We found Glamory at the end of a long, frustrating search for legwear to fit my curvy, beautiful, 6’2” wife. After buying her many pairs of Glamory stockings and tights abroad, I realized how many women had the same struggles with hosiery as she did and decided to bring Glamory to the USA, where it has been a colossal hit!”

Glamory Hosiery may be purchased online or in retailers around the world. For a full listing, visit: When ordering on, new customers can also enjoy a 20% discount off their purchase by entering the code “follow20” at checkout.

Learn more about Glamory Hosiery at the following links:





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