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Looking to take your Brand to the next level, involve an Influencer, Brand Ambassador or Blogger to help boost your Brand.

What is the difference between Influencers, Brand Ambassadors and Bloggers?  Lets’ find out.

    1. Influencers

Different standards determine these individuals’ influence, from web-only to celebrity status.  Influencers cross multiple platforms and increasingly require a paid arrangement to do business. They:

Write about brands they have an affinity for.

Protect their personal brand, as that is as important as the brand they choose to represent.

Must be a good fit/valuable for both the influencer and the brand.

Treat their blogs and other social channels as a business.

Work for compensation, meaning brand ambassadorships, and product exchange.

Have large, engaged followings and, typically, specific areas of expertise.

Bring trust/expertise they fight to protect.

2.  Brand Ambassadors

Brand Ambassadors are influencers hired by brands for long-term relationships.  They differ from influencers, who might be used only for a short-term campaign. They are in effect spokespeople for the brand.

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They are given inside knowledge about the brand.

They are usually an expert that relates to the brand/product.

They wear their brand Ambassorship loudly and proudly across their channels.

Brand ambassadorships are highly coveted by influencers.

3.  Bloggers

Bloggers may be considered influencers, depending on their engagement levels. They begin their blogs based on passions and often build followings that validate them as influencers.

Their blogs could be a hobby or personal outlet or a means to work from home and build a business or personal brand.  A deep dive into their motives is critical during the selection process.

They avidly engage with brands to build their audience and get relationships with brands.

They work for some level of value exchange: free product, recognition, and visibility.

The level of the blogger and his or her engagement varies greatly and by topic.

Their power to influence is lower; but they do provide content/information to readers.

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Now that you know the difference, get crackin on building that Brand.

Credits:  Sofia Davis and http://www.entrepreneur.com

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