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Article by Sofia Davis - Fashion Avenue News

Christmas came early for some homeless families in Queen’s this past Sunday as Mr. Don and the Shoot A Thon team gave them a holiday treat.

It takes a special person to find it in their heart to put a team of professional MUA, hair  stylists, designers, photographers, etc.,  together to create this great project, doing FREE make overs for the homeless.

It does not matter whether you are homeless or the Queen of England, everyone wants to look his or her best, and as my good friend, Veronica Forbes would say “A little lipstick can wake up a face” and that is exactly what the Shoot A Thon team did.

With an arsenal of people who care, numerous homeless families gathered at Catherine Bingham – Something Different Salon in Queens.  The Shoot A Thon team got to work and at the end of the day no one felt the sting of homelessness they all felt and looked beautiful, including the kids.

Mr. Don is a special kind of someone. People say they care, but he shows it.

In this holiday season don’t forget our homeless families.  Every homeless person is not on drugs, an alcoholic or a criminal.  I believe everyone should be given an opportunity to show their character; sometimes all people need is a chance.

Show you care today.  For as little as $25 you can buy a gift for a homeless child, stop by a shelter and drop off a gift today.  You would be surprised how much of a difference you can make.

Thank you Mr. Don, you are some kind of WONDERFUL.

Shoot A Thon 2019 coming April 12-14, 2019.  Visit their Facebook page.

EXECUTIVE PRODUCER – Jacqueline Pittman – Shoot A Thon

If any changes or addition are needed in this area, please contact Mr. Don as he supplied the credits here.

Catherine Bingham – Something Different Salon
Shoot A Thon Team
Sofia Davis – Media/Press – Fashion Avenue News Luxury Brands
Cheryl Fulmore – Ceejay’s Braid Studio
Charisse Edwards – Hair Stylists
Dana Hall – Hair & Make Up
Karen Walker – Hair Stylists Volumes Salon
Ciara Smith – Hair Stylists
Karen Vanderburg – Hair Stylists
Wendy Isaac – Boss Lady Cosmetics
Schanica Pickens – Make Up Artists, Hair Stylists
Terry MacDonald – Make Up Artists
Coretta Coleman – Flavor of Fullness Designer
Freddie Simonson – Mo Dollarz Digital Printing
Luckner Dompierre – Urban Designer
Gabriela Panduru – Designer Dresses

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