Written by Sofia Davis

A Model Casting is like going to any job interview, you have to be prepared.  Here are some Model Casting tips.

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  • Know/Research the Client – visit the website/social media etc.,
  • Who are you auditioning for and what is the project? Runway Show, Campaign, AdEditorial, Magazine Cover, sometimes different types of castings require different type of info.
  • Simple garments are best. Most Casting Directors favor Black pants and top.
  • Females MUST wear heels
  • Natural Make up is best as Models should be a blank canvas.
  • Have your comp cards, portfolio, etc., ready for inspection.
  • Have a photo you can leave. Make sure your contact info is on the photo and readable.
  • Bring something to write with as you may need to take information.
  • Be polite but not talkative, casting directors do not have a lot of time for chit chat
  • Female models should have their heels on when they walk in the casting room.
  • Do a straight runway walk, unless instructed to do something else. No twisting, turning or leaning, just a straight, professional walk.
  • Pay attention, listen carefully as they may need you to slate or walk again
  • Before attending the casting, make sure you are available on the show date.
  • Make sure you are what the casting required. If they say 5’9” don’t cast and say I’m 5’9” with heels.  The client will notice and put you on the “DO NOT USE” list.

Hope this info is helpful for casting.

Article written by Sofia Davis

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