Article written by: Sofia Davis

The question that’s always asked is, How to get paid as a Model?  We researched the question and here is what we found.

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What is a Model’s job?

A Models’ job is to sell a garment, product, event, idea, etc.  The reason companies like Louis Vuitton use models like Naomi, JLO etc. is because they can SELL the product.  That is the reason a model is chosen.  This is why you do not see many unknown models in major campaigns, no one knows them just yet.

When should a Model get paid?

According to information gathered, a model should get paid when they can consistently sell an item.

What steps can a model take to get paid?

  1. A Models should have the essentials to get paid. Portfolio, Comp Card, Social Media presence, some sort of references of whom they have worked with, what they have done in the last year, etc., this can give the Brand an idea of whom they are going to be working with.  Modeling is a BUSINESS, so just like you go to an interview to be an Executive Assistant, you have to bring the same talent when you are going for an audition as a model.  No one is going to the do the work for you.  If you are sitting back saying “I SLAY, I SLAY” that’s good but can it get you work?  It takes more than “SLAYING” to get REAL modeling assignments.

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  2. When working with a designer, RESPECT their garments. Take a moment and place the garment back on the hanger or rack during a fashion show, don’t just drop it anywhere because you have to run to the next designer.  Take a moment and hand it to the backstage assistant or someone that can hang it up if you are in a rush.  All of this is noticed by the designers and backstage coordinators and it gets back to Magazines/Publications/Brands.
  3. When a model is chosen for work, that models should consistently promote the product, campaign, fragrance, cosmetics, garments, designers, magazine, blog post, etc., they are associated with. This way the Brand sees them promoting the item and may consider developing a budget for their next promo/campaign.
  4. A Model should have a CLEAN SOCIAL MEDIA presence. No Brand wants to be associated with items that do not represent them in a good light.  Most Magazines, Brands, Cosmetics Companies, Fashion Designers, Campaigns, check Models Social Media presence BEFORE approaching that Model for work, especially if they plan to use that model in a campaign or as a brand ambassador.  They look to see if the Model is associated with negativity, no Brand wants to be part of anything negative, therefore, if you are a model hoping to get paid for your work, make sure your presence is clean.
  5. Most Brands prefer to work with Models that are signed to either a Model Management or Licensed Modeling Agency….why…. because the Agency/Management are responsible for the Models behavior, example; if a Model shows up late, the Agency/Management is informed and has to fix the problem. This is important because if the Agency/Model Management does not, they can get BLACKLISTED and other Brands may not use them.  (All an influential person has to say is “I don’t work with that company and you can be Blacklisted).  Therefore, it’s important for Brands to work with Model Management or Agencies when choosing models for important projects.
  6. Models who are on Magazine Covers – Most models careers seem to elevate when they appear on magazine covers. It’s the visibility of the model that makes other Brands take notice.  It is the belief that models should strive for this achievement because of the enormous amount of exposure that it gives the model.  Models should be mindful of what covers they appear on and not just jump on a cover because someone offers it to you.  Read the publication first, check the Social Media of the publication, how long have they been in business, do they have an established presence in the publishing community, do they have an physical office you can visit, are you familiar with them, do other people know the publication, are they CONSISTENT, coming out on time, do you know the Editor-in-Chief or someone on their staff, have you been to any events, fashion shows, networking etc., produced by the publication and how was it.  All of these things are items Models should keep in mind when considering appearing on the cover of a magazine/publication.

  7. Most Magazine pick a Model for the cover because that Model is moving their careers up in the Fashion Industry. They want a Model that will give the magazine even more exposure, they want the Model to be HAPPY to be on the cover and expect the Model to promote the Magazine.  When a publication sees that a Model does not promote the magazine, they, more than likely, never use that Model again and may let other publications know the Model does not promote.
  8. Keep yourself VISIBLE, not OVER SATURATED. It is important that people know you’re THERE, but not EVERY WHERE.  You don’t have to announce every time you get a run in your stocking.  Pick and choose which announcements to post, everything is not necessary to say.  Yes, it is important to be well rounded, but not everything needs to be announced on Social Media.  Most magazines/publications do not gravitate to Models that announce their every move, they feel the model may be over saturated and will look for another model.  On the other hand, if a Model makes announces properly, between the fine lines of visibility and over saturation, the magazine/publication may see that model as elevating.
  9. Strive to be a BRAND not a MODEL – Anyone can be a model, but not everyone can be a Brand. A model can start their career off by being a Model but should strive to be a BRAND.  A Brand is something that people are familiar with, no description needed, Naomi – you don’t have to say Campbell – she is a BRAND…. How do you become a Brand, by being professional, showing up on time, having your credentials in order, investing in your self by taking classes, being visible (not over saturated), all of this will help you develop into a BRAND.

We hope this information is helpful in understanding When a Model Should Get Paid.

Article written by Sofia Davis

Blue Dress Runway

Here is information we found online:

(*We do not claim this to be facts, we are merely stating what research has returned).

Cover models do not get paid for the cover shot of a magazine. It’s one of the worst jobs out there. Models do it because of exposure – they know that every major designer, advertiser, fashion editor, stylist, agent, etc. get the magazine and will see their picture on the cover.  By being on the cover, it makes them more famous and more in demand which raises their visibility for other jobs like runway, advertising campaigns, brand spokespeople, etc.

If it’s US Vogue they only really use celebrities on the cover, and the models they use are Supermodels like Kate Moss or Gisele who are celebrities as well as models.

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