Estenban Cortazar is one of my favorite designers.  His garments are timeless.  Take a look.

Esteban Cortazar_1467727722476_bf_92_03


Esteban Cortazar is a noted fashion designer.   was born in Bogota, Colombia and grew up in Miami, Florida. Cortazar is the youngest designer to have shown at Miami International Fashion Week.

Esteban Cortazar_1467727723927_59_5c_06

This young man must be the youngest designer at New York Fashion Week or any other Fashion Week. He was born in 1985.

He and his family live in Florida, and he studied at the Design and Architecture Senior High School in Miami.

His clothes are slinky and sexy, with chiffon caftans and toweling wrap jackets.

Esteban Cortazar_1467727727827_b8_0c_10

Credits:  Esteban Cortazar - GPS - Bkg: Esteban Cortazar

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