One of my favorite fashion houses is Viktor & Rolf.   I love the way they unapologetically produce CREATIVE COUTURE.  Take a look at some of the most fabulous Couture made today.

Viktor & Rolf_0_19__fio0017

Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren first met while studying at the Arnhem Academy of Art and Design in 1989.  Upon graduation in 1992, the pair began working together and relocated to Paris.  Initially, Viktor & Rolf were shunned by the fashion industry, however, the designers were received well by the art world. Subsequently, art institutions such as the Groninger Museum began to acquire garments from the designers.

Initial collections established the extravagant silhouettes, witty use of materials and irreverent concepts the designers would come to be known for. In 2000, Viktor & Rolf launched their company logo of a wax seal bearing the monogram V&R, and began to devote their artistic talent to ready-to-wear collections.  In 2003, the designers launched a Menswear collection which co-existed alongside the women’s line until 2009.  Additionally, Viktor & Rolf created perfumes: the female fragrance Flowerbomb (2004) and the male fragrance Antidote (2006).  In 2015, the designers halted ready-to-wear production and returned once more to haute couture citing that they wanted to “explore the limits of wearability, function and form.”

After a thirteen-year hiatus from creating haute couture, Viktor & Rolf re-established themselves as with the Zen Garden (Autumn/Winter 2013-14) collection and have been going strong ever since.

Viktor & Rolf_13_b6__fio0165

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