Designer Corey Rogers and SuperModel Kontessia

Fashion Avenue News continues to build a Media Conglomerate with the addition of Model World TV.

This fresh, new, informative TV Show will be hosted by the one and only, Supermodel Kontessia Atkins.  Kontessia has a long resume of fashion experience and an electrifying personality.  The show will focus on Models and their World.  Kontessia will interview models to find out, What does a model want, how to audition, life after modeling, developing your brand, how to get on a magazine cover and much, much more.  She won’t stop with just models, she will interview fashion designers also, along with magazine Editor-in-Chief, photographers and more.

This exciting show will be filmed at the NEW OFFICES of Fashion Avenue News, 1460 Broadway – 8th Floor at the corner of 41st street, in the heart of TIMES SQUARE on our 17th floor rooftop.  The format will be to shoot a series (13 episodes), each person getting approximately ½ hour of talk time, along with commercials for upcoming shows and products. The show will have an “Info Ticker” (similar to a stock market ticker) running across the bottom of the screen, showing info on upcoming events.  The filming will start after Fashion Week this September and the series will begin airing in October.  We have slated the program to air on FaceBook, YouTube and our on Wednesday 7:30pm-8:00pm, after Boss Lady Wendy Isaac popular show “Style Wednesdays with the Boss Lady”.

Kontessia will not only host, but also research some of the guest that will appear on the show.  She is looking for models that “STAND OUT”, whether plus size, petite or straight size, male and female, all are welcome to be interviewed.

If you are interested in being interviewed, volunteering or being in the audience (limited invite only audience guest), kindly in box Kontessia or email  We are presently putting together our interview list.

Join me in congratulating Kontessia in this new chapter of her fashion career, we are excited to work with her.

NOTE:  Sofia Davis – is the Executive Producer of Model World TV.


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