Sexiest Man Alive Event



Kereem Vargas is the SEXIEST MAN ALIVE 2017 and will be inducted in to the Sexiest Alive Hall of Fame on July 14, 2018.

Who will be the Sexiest Man Alive for 2018?  Sign someone up today.


This is an invite to participate in the Sexiest Man Alive Event at Fashion on the Hudson.

The Winner of the Sexiest Man Alive gets a Photo Shoot, Cover and AdEditorial in Luxury Brand Publication, Sexiest Man Alive Trophy, ability to participate in all events at VIP, guest appearances and much more.

This is how the voting works:  You sign up for the Sexiest Man Alive, (you can sign up on Facebook by inboxing Fashion Avenue News or emailing us (btetv161@gmail.com) and submitting one photo) we put a ticket on EventBrite with your name. Voters go to Eventbrite Fashion on the Hudson page or the Website www.FashionOnTheHudson.com to vote.  People can only vote once, as Eventbrite will record their names so we keep track.

The second part of the vote comes at Fashion on the Hudson, where the Men participating in the Sexiest Man Alive will walk the runway and the audience will vote.  Each SMA will have a number, the audience will write that number on an index card and put it in the secret container.  All the votes will be counted and between the Eventbrite votes and the audience, along with a panel of judges, that is how we will determine whom is the Sexiest Man Alive.

The Sexist Man Alive will be announced at the Fashion on the Hudson after party.

We hope you will nominate someone or participate in this great, fun event.

Who is the next Sexiest Man Alive?


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