NOT sure where you were Saturday April 14, but I will always remember this date as it will go down in the fashion history.

Boss Lady Wendy Isaac produced the MEGA EVENT Le Coiffeur Styles the Runway with a SOLD-OUT CROWD of domestic & international designers and FASHION ROYALTY.



Let’s start with the crowd, you could not get in the place, it was so packed they had to open all the doors including the fire exit to accommodate the crowd.  All the chairs in the entire hotel were in the room, the hotel announced we have no more chairs, you have all the chairs including the ones not being used in the bar area.  Talk about shutting it down, there has not been one event of this magnitude since the Rocky Gathercole show produced by Sofia Davis Fashion Avenue News.

The front row was full of fashion influencers and tables filled with celebrities.  In attendance were Movie Star and Supermodel Aliepson, Designer Phil Harris, The Godfather of Magazines Mr. John Blassigame, Clara of Black World Fashion, Designer Kenya Smith of Planet Zero Motorsports, Designer Cory Rogers, King B – Billie Blunt of BB magazine, Couture Chef Quinton Bailey, Andrene Williams, Editor in Chief of UBM Magazine, Valerie Stevens Executive Producer of Jamaica Just My Style Fashion Show, Avant Garde Hair Designer Levy Paul, SuperModel Jude Flexx, Fred Rameriz, Donna Michelle Editor in Chief of D’Mochelle magazine, Publicist Yvonne Forbes, Executive Producer of NYC Live William Michael Reid, Fashion Blogger Nah and many more.



Live streaming was done by legendary Fashion team with Joe Clarke and Anthony Pierre at the helm.  Red carpet was covered by both team’s Fashion Avenue News and Runway News, the Fashion family.  There was so much Press & Media that they had to line up against the wall as the media pit could not accommodate anymore.  Darling it was fabulous.


The show started at exactly 6:30pm, ON TIME with the presence of Wendy Boss Lady Isaac introducing her new line, BOSS LADY COSMETICS.  The Models layered on lipstick, powder and moved to the music.  There was so much electricity and anticipation in the air you may have been electrocuted if you moved too fast.

The designers bought you an array of garments from long flowing gowns, bling out Swarovski encrusted purses, punk meets couture and show stopping feathered sunglasses to name a few.

The evening was fabulous with food, drinks and much, much more, the Boss Lady knows how to treat VIPs.


A full review along with additional photos and video is coming shortly.   You can follow Le Coiffeur NYC on social media.



The BOSS LADY is not a new comer to the Fashion Industry, known as Tinny in her native St. Kitts because of her slim frame, long neck and elegant features, she has been on both sides of the fashion fence as a model, pageant queen, Executive show producer, Editor-in-Chief of Fashion Avenue News Caribbean and her own TV Show, Style Wednesdays.  Known as the Queen of Style, she is often requested to participate on fashion panels to lend her expertise.  For more than 10 years she has traveled to Columbia to train pageant hopefuls.  Along with being an expert in the fashion industry, this beauty has brains, she has a B.S. degree in Finance.



Not one to relax after an accomplishment, Ms. Isaac has developed her own Luxury Brand line which consists of the Boss Lady Fragrance, the Boss Lady Ready to Wear collection and something brand new, Boss Lady Cosmetics.  Boss Lady Cosmetics will cover all skin tones and ages.  Presently consisting of Foundation, Lipstick and Invisible setting powder, the skin care line is just around the corner.  Ms. Isaac says, “I create cosmetics for the Timeless Woman, no matter her age, she is still interested in taking care of herself.”



Le Coiffeur would like to thank everyone for supporting Le Coiffeur Style Runway 2018 at the Watson Hotel on Saturday April 14, 2018.

Wendy Boss Lady Isaac thanks you for all your hard work. International and Regional Designers, models, MUA, Hairstylist, Vendors thanks for an outstanding show. Joe Clarke of Runway News and Sofia Davis of Fashion Avenue News Media Sponsors for the event many thanks. Mark Murphy III Cory Murray Elizabeth Martin Andrew Wri Don Pittman Allison V Brown Richard Simpson Jones Christopher, Paul Walker thank you for all the amazing images. Schanica Pickens Beauty Director thank you ensuring Hair and Make up was 100 and selecting all the amazing and talented MUA and Hairstylist, Victor Lopez Malka Cohen Elizabeth Strong Kcoey Simones thank you. AJ Ajay Regis publicist Thank you. Henry Marsham Celebration Wedding And Events you always got me covered. M & M Catering and Orian Marsham thank you. Kwanzaa Periera, Tivia Scott Glenda Collins Islyn Warner Alana Rosa Edwards Sonora Murphy, Interns, Keidra Cameron, Matic Williams, thank you. Quinton Bailey many thanks and also for my amazing eyes on me shoe cake. DJ Renegade and ON D Spot production for making it EPIC.  Daniel Jones for thé amazing drum entertainment. Nah Rich for Capturing this amazing event during your blogging.  Ttoyz Hollywood and Zandrea Bailey IBLMM models coaches for ensuring models were covered.  Xavier Walker thank you, you made yourself available for us at all times.  Ebony Davis my amazing Assistant you always got it covered thank you.  Ty Cobb and Lydia Patel amazing Host Milly Lawrence for my amazing gown.

Photo Credits:  Allison V Brown

*****More photos to come.

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