Rose Gold Hair for All



Beautiful Blonde Girl. Retro Vintage Hairstyle
Rose gold hair is becoming a new neutral. Get inspired with different shades to suit your natural hair color – from strawberry blonde to bright rose-quartz, it’s easy to pull off rose gold hair no matter what look you’re going for. In need of inspiration for your next haircolor appointment? You’re welcome…

Strawberry Rose Gold Hair

Who said that rose gold hair was only for blondes? Redheads can get in on the fun thanks to a strawberry rose gold haircolor. To get the look, ask your stylist for a rose gold balayage with darker roots and pieces of rose gold hair throughout. It’s majorly important to protect your color-treated hair for the first two weeks after dying, as this is the time that it’s most vulnerable. Deep conditioners and a color extender kits are your new best friends!

Peach Rose Gold Hair

A peach rose gold brings some warmth into your hair color, and it’s especially suited if your hair is on the lighter side – blonde, strawberry blonde…
This looks works best in highlights rather than an all-over color job, so make your hair is cleansed with a sulfate-free shampoo to make sure your look is cared for long-term.

Rose Gold Hair for Brunettes

As you can imagine, this look takes the basics of rose gold and adds a brunette spin. So the hair still has tons of blondish pink tones, but they’re set into a deeper brunette base. Ask your stylist for a rooted look that fades into rose-gold at the ends.
It’s more of a balayage style  as the highlights become more pronounced the farther down on the strands you go. Something less permanent? Take a spray-in or color-makeup product which lasts just one shampoo.

Keeping Up with the Color

If you’ve decided to take the leap and get rose gold hair, congrats! It’s truly a magnificent hair color that looks good on everyone—but it’s important to take care of your new hair color properly. A complete system of shampoo, conditioner and hair masks specially formulated for colored hair is an absolute must
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