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How does cleaning powder work?

Cleaning powders rid already loosened horns from the skin surface, without accelerating the natural cell rhythm. The skin is gently polished, visibly refined and toned. The connective tissue is strengthened and the microcirculation of the skin is improved.

It is so fine and astringent that it literally pulls the dirt out of pores. The handling is also quite simple: Distribute a small amount into the palm of your hand and stir smoothly with a few drops of water. Distribute with a brush in the palm of the hand and then generously apply in small movements on the face.

The best cleaning powders are soap-free and ph-neutral – therefore suitable for all skin types.


How do I prevent my mascara from drying out too quickly?

The reason for the mascara drying out is that air gets into the tube. Therefore, you should always make sure that you don’t repeatedly pump the brush into the tube to be able to access more product – instead, screw the brush into the tube to avoid minimum chance of the air sneaking in.


As a result, the mascara won’t clump during application and ensures a defined and natural look – no spider legs here! The removal of excess product at the edge of the vial also favors air pockets, as it dries at the opening and the mascara cannot be properly closed, so make sure you are careful when removing the brush for application.
Regularly cleaning the stem of the mascara brush with a tissue is key: it often accumulates dried-on mascara residues that mix with the rest of the formulation in the tube, which results in the product drying out faster.


For certified natural cosmetics, the ingredients are different and have proved to be not as strong or long lasting as the chemical ones, which results in more frequent application and therefore could dry out more easily and the mascara will get used up quicker.
To promote the longevity of your mascara, you can add a few drops of saline solution (the kind you use for contact lenses) into your mascara bottle and swill it round to give your slightly gunky mascara a new lease of life.

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