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Which ingredients provide sun protection for water resistance? 

The water resistance of a sunscreen can be increased by a high content of fat components, which can delay the washing off of the UV filters during bathing, or by so-called film formers (eg acrylate copolymers or VP / hexadecene copolymers) which better adhere the product to the skin become. Nevertheless, it is important that sunscreen after bathing or drying again new, rich and evenly applied to ensure optimum protection.

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Pimple Stop: What really helps against impurities?

The care of the impure skin is optimal with fat and emulsifier-free preparations with active ingredients that do not clog the pores and restore the skin balance. The irritations and lesions of the skin caused by the acne can heal with the help of soothing and regeneration-promoting ingredients. The optimal care for impure skin inhibits the growth of acne bacteria.
The most effective treatment methods are:

  • Thorough cleaning (reduction of excess skin fat, for example with foaming products)
  •  Regulation of the increased sebum flow is achieved by active substances in oil-free gels or cream gels (for example with special algae extracts)
  •  Dissolving the cornifications (prevention of sebaceous obstruction) by e.g. salicylic acid care and regular enzymatic peels (do not use any mechanical peels, they will only “disperse” the impurities)
  •  Antibacterial treatment to prevent inflammation e.g. with microsilver, sage and witch hazel

The removal of the impurities should not be done by the customer himself, but by a well-trained beautician. So “stay away” – The risk of scars or hyperpigmen-tation is very large in a self-treatment.

Can Facial Toner Refine Pores?

Toners provide three key benefits. One of these is exfoliation, which can reduce the appearance of visible pores. Certain toners contain one or more skincare acids, which speed up the natural exfoliation rate of your skin.

The best toners to use on visible pores contain salicylic acid. Oil-soluble salicylic acid is able to penetrate the trapped sebum and impurities within your pores. A toner that contains this acid can effectively deep-clean pores, thereby giving younger, more elastic skin an opportunity to tighten on its own.

Once the active ingredients in these toners penetrate your pores, they’ll help to remove the oxidised build-up and, in doing so, reduce the pores’ apparent size.

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What role do nanoparticles play in cosmetic products?

Today, nanoparticles serve as a protective transport system of active ingredients as well as nano-lipid crystals, which form an invisible protective film directly after the application on the skin, and then deliver the active ingredients continuously over a longer period to the skin organ. Such systems are extremely well studied, and have received numerous scientific awards in both medicine and cosmetics.

Particularly frequently used as nanomaterials are titanium dioxoid and zinc oxide. The tiny particles are used as “physical sunscreen” – they reflect the sunlight like billions of tiny mirrors. Even larger particles of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide have this effect, but with nanoparticles thin and transparent sun creams can be produced. Nanomaterials fulfill a wide variety of functions in cosmetic products: UV filter pigments such as nano-titanium dioxide deposits on the top layer of skin as a protective film and scatters and absorbs the sun’s ultraviolet rays. In this way, the skin is protected from UV radiation and its harmful consequences (sunburn, DNA damage, skin aging, etc.). They can also be used to deliver active ingredients such as retinol or vitamin A into deeper layers of skin, thus producing an anti-aging effect. They are often found in ampoules which are now on trend more than ever before!

Why should you pat on eye cream?

The delicate eye area needs special care, because the skin is very fragile and thinner than other parts of the body. Furthermore, it has almost no connective tissue. To assure the best application, eye creams should be carefully tapped with the ring finger, as it exerts the least pressure and thus avoids tearing the skin. The tearing of the eye area can lead to an early wrinkling. Beating in is the gentlest method for the sensitive skin and additionally the blood circulation is stimulated.

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