There was no place else to be on Saturday night except at the Sexy Curvy Diva’s Model Competition.  This amazing event was produced by Levy Paul at the Watson Hotel on West 57th Street in NYC.  If you wanted something different, you came to the right place.


The evening began with the arrival of the Fashion Family Elite, Magazine Moguls, Sofia Davis – Editor-in-Chief of Fashion Avenue News, Model World Magazine, Beauty BOSS Magazine and One of a Kind Magazine, King B – Billie Blunt of Billie Blunt Magazine & Billie Blunt Plus Magazine, Donna Mitchell Franklin of DMochelle Magazine, Glenda Collins Fashion Editor for Fashion Avenue News, Boss Lady Wendy Isaac, Celebrity Stylists & Editor-n-Chief of Fashion Avenue News Caribbean and Ms. Smith – Life Coach…. these were your judges…. Models had to impress them……There was a house full of press/media, the entire Press pit was full, celebrity photographers Allison V. Brown, Hank Pegeron, Bro. Michael Cox, Mr. Don and more filled the media pit.

The Judges:


We were treated like ROYALTY.  This was THE BEST.  They had volunteers from FAX to help backstage and front of the house as well as lots of other staff that did an amazing job.  Ms. Nanette and Fred Ramirez kept things going smoothly.




I have to say, THIS IS THE FIRST SHOW I WENT TO THAT STARTED ON TIME BESIDES MY OWN.   Tazz kept the pace, everything happened in the given timeframe that was on the show outline.

Sexy Curvy Divas - Model Competitio_0044

Tazz started the show in a presentation mode, which was very smart as this gave the photographers an opportunity to get a close up of the garments and models.  The models posed, and posed again for the photographers, all this happening while guest were coming in…. AMAZING…. people were rushing to get in so they could see what was happening.

There were numerous vendors, food, handbags, accessories and much more.  This was an all in one show, if you wanted it they had it for you.   The Make Up Artists and Hair stylist did an amazing job.  I saw the Model World Magazine Cover Model Tanya Nelson doing make up backstage, one of her many talents.

The show was a fusion between Couture Fashion & The Balls, what an amazing concept.  The models had to IMPRESS THE JUDGES,  you had to WORK to WIN.  The rules were CLEAR and if you did not bring it, you were ELIMINATED…..

Sexy Curvy Divas - Model Competitio_0152

The most exciting part was the AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION….. I have never seen an audience so engaged in the activities, they screamed, clapped and stomped their feet as Model after Model graced the runway to do BATTLE…. and Battle they did.


They had models of all sizes, ages, heights and weight participate.  The Silver Fox  was a  notable one to remember, Darling she gave you Editorial, she gave you FACE.

Sexy Curvy Divas - Model Competitio_0091

nayNay  Rich (I hope I have the name correct) slayed in the segment of Black and Gold, she took you to Japan from head to toe, and she sure can work a fan.  Another category was Swimwear where the models had to have a BEACH PROP, a model came out with a beach matt and slayed because she was the only one that had a BEACH PROP.  Some models had hats, suntan lotion, handbags and even bubbles, but Darling the RULES said BEACH PROP and Tazz enforced the rules to the fullest.


One of the STUNNERS of the evening was FLAVORS OF FULLNESS – NOW THIS IS A COUTURE DESIGNER – I was very impressed by her presentation.

flavors of fullnenss

Sexy Curvy Diva’s FaceModel Toni  showed up and showed out, SLAYING in  Blonde Hair, Cherry Red dress and giving you DIVA all night long……DARLING…………

The way Tazz set the show up was great, after each BATTLE CATEGORY, he had entertainment which kept the audience attention, there was never a dull moment and no gaps in the show, there was always something going on.

Some of the recognizable Supermodels were: Gio and Shade.  I have to elaborate on SuperModel Gio, he wore a coat by a designer (ok, I don’t know the designer’s name) and I’m buying one of her garments, I am not the only one, there were about 12 people who asked “which designer he was wearing”.  That is the JOB OF A MODEL, to sell the garment and sell it he DID!!!! You WORK SUPERMODEL!!!!



Sexy Curvy Divas - Model Competitio_0010

When the dust settled there was ONE DIVA STANDING!!!!!! She had won the Battle, welcome TARISHA TISH HICKS as the Winner of the Sexy Curvy Diva  2018 competition.


I am already looking forward to next year.


Photo Credits:  Allison V. Brown, Elizabeth O’Raffety, Mr. Don, Hank Pegeron, B.M.Cox





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