PERFECT EYEBROWS – Andmetics we have got the hang of it!

Perfect eyebrows? No problem! The patented eyebrow hair removal strips from andmetics not only guarantee a flawless shape, they also ensure quick and almost painless eyebrow hair removal in just two minutes. All annoying fine, light hairs are removed in addition to dark ones. And on top of that, the strips provide an additional benefit as a coloring template!

You probably know the problem with tweezers when you shape your eyebrows: Plucking hurts and it also takes some time. But not only that – remove one hair too many and the perfect shape is already gone. And at the end, the annoying fine, light hairs are still there. andmetics puts a stop to this and offers the ultimate solutions for accurate super brows for men and women: Simply attach the patented andmetics wax strips, quickly pull them off and experience that wow effect!

andmetics’ founder Andrea Lehner knows that “Beautiful eyebrows are not just the soul of the face, they also give it shape and can even have a lifting effect if they are the right shape”. andmetics hair removal strips for eyebrows conjure up the perfect shape with just a single short twinge. 2/3 up and 1/3 down! Furthermore, they are simple and efficient to apply and significantly quicker than manual plucking: In just two minutes the andmetics strips remove all dark and even light hairs down to the root. The removed hairs grow back silky soft up to 4 weeks later.

Step-by-step instructions for at home:
1. Separate the strips.
2. Position the strips and press firmly. There are fixed markings in the form of dots on the strip.
3. Quickly pull off the strips from the outside inwards.
4. Remove any wax residue with the enclosed oil tissue.


You will find before/after pictures, a how-to video and all product information on our website

All retail packs have an MSRP of 10.99 USD












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