Independent Designers Impress on Paris Runways

Indie Paris Designers show off their talent.  Take a look at some of the creative, talented Paris Independent designer, #FABULOUS.  Oxford Fashion Studio brought six unique independent designers to the forefront of fashion at the Intercontinental Le Grand as part of Paris Fashion Week Fall.


Rudy Wolff  is a Norwegian couturier having shown her creations to the world, from New Delhi to three out of the four  fashion capitals, so far. She combines maximalism with minimalism, history with futurism,  and hand beads the garments herself.  Ruby Wolff showcased both menswear and womenswear in vibrant display.  

Rudy Wolff 72dpi (6)

Rudy Wolff 300dpi (15)


The inspiration for Alina Petra FW 18 came from the Royal Wedding. What started as a few Bridal Swimwear pieces turned into 10 evening gowns. Alina Petra’s goal is to create something chic and wearable at the same time and achieved with her blingy FW evening collection.

Alina Petra 300dpi (6)

Alina Petra 300dpi (14)

Ellaé Lisqué

Ellaé Lisqué values class, sophistication, and exceptional quality.

These original designs are intended to compliment a woman’s physique in a sexy, yet tasteful manner. Maxie.J believes, there’s nothing sexier then a confident woman and that includes her kids.

Explaining the extension of her FW collection including edgy childrens wear.

Ellae Lisque 72dpi (14)

Ellae Lisque 72dpi (20)



Ellen London Studio is a wearable art brand that launched in 2015.

Using global and handmade fabrics to create designs that show a message, the brand’s goal is to promote peace through textiles and fashion. Highlighting color and layering, Ellen London incorporate the silhouettes, textures and stories of primarily negatively stereotyped cultures and countries as the inspiration for our designs. The collection’s eclectic nature took us on a adventure around the world.

Ellen London 72dpi (3)


Ellen London 72dpi (6)

Ellen London 72dpi (15)



Slashed By Tia is a women’s wear clothing line. It isn’t just the result of inclusions of sheer fabrics; it’s a mood, it’s a look.This collection is a representation of the growth of Slashed by Tia, in addition to Slashed by Tia’s signature solid sheer ruffles, we saw crystal embellished details and asymmetrical in vibrant fun and eye popping colors. It represents how she envision myself as a woman – Glamorous, daring and slightly over the top.


Slashed by Tia 72dpi (13)

Slashed by Tia 72dpi (1)

Slashed by Tia 72dpi (11)

Slashed by Tia 72dpi (7)

Slashed by Tia 72dpi (18)


Nahal Shadhas always been fascinated by the idea that fashion is a form of expression as well as a form of self-concealment. Some people find comfort in using fashion to reveal their deep and trues elves, while others use it as a mask to hide behind, or even as a wall put up to protect themselves from the world around them.  Nahal’s, made-in-Canada brand, adds a modern flare to tradition couture in order to ultimately create timeless closet-staples like separates that can follow the wearer through any adventure that life has in store for them. Natural tones, floral, paisley’s made appearances on this fashion forward parade.

Nahai Shad Designs 72dpi (7)

Nahai Shad Designs 72dpi (8)

Nahai Shad Designs 72dpi (11)

Nahai Shad Designs 72dpi (1)

Nahai Shad Designs 72dpi (10)




































































































































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