Introduction to Indian Fashion and Models

Gone is the time when the very word, ‘fashion’ was considered a taboo; today millions of youth are dreaming of having a career in the fashion industry.

One can also see the emergence of some prominent fashion education schools, institutions which offer both short term and long term courses and thus, preparing their students to have a successful career in fashion. Talk about modeling, and one can see our very own Indian models ruling the ramps all over the globe. Several of our Indian models have also made it to the Miss Universe competitions, right? It’s not that fashion is something a new thing to India; it in fact was here from a long time. Yes, you heard it right.

However, today Indian fashion is making it to the top headlines all over the world. Be it the models or designers, they are showcasing their work, their talent to the world. And, this has certainly inspired the new breed of aspirants to try their luck in this ever-happening industry. However, one should borne in one’s mind that it is hard work that pays here, and not those ugly short-cuts. One has to remember oneself again and again that not everybody would be nice to him (or her) and not everybody would come looking for him (or her). So, one needs to develop a lot of patience before making it big here. And, like any other industry, there are some frauds here as well, so always use common sense while dealing with strangers who claim themselves as the top-shots in the industry.

As an amateur model, you can register yourself with a leading fashion industry so that you start getting some nice offers. It’s good to have contacts in the industry, but it is not a per-requisite. Many people here have made it big in their lives, without having any backup. So, if they can, you too can, right?

Keep This in Mind:

Don’t look like desperate.  It just does not help. In fact, some frauds may cheat you.
Have a great portfolio with you so that when need arises, you find it right there.
Recognize the fact that not everyone in the industry would be nice to you. So don’t break down if things don’t go as per your plans.
Have faith in your abilities.
Don’t ever resort to those short-cuts. Remember that short-cuts will never take you to your dreams.

Hope this article helps you know a little more on Indian women fashion!



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