The stamp Úrde Studio  emerged in 2016 as a space for personal creative manifesto by the hand of designer Javier González.

A space for multidisciplinary design with Fashion as an articulating element. To blur the boundaries between the different disciplines of design, to experiment with the arts or to explore the limits of creativity, find a place in this project.


ÚRDE conceives fashion as a blank canvas for the development of creative concepts and experimentation. The fashion endowed with thought and directed to a public eager for truth.


The firm is committed to the Made in Spain, highlighting local good work, craftsmanship and product quality.

ÚRDE is sensitivity, concept and soul. It is passion for details, reflected in limited productions or even unique garments that claim authenticity and genuineness.



“I understand fashion as a channel where I can develop and transmit creative ideas, fashion must be a space that generates culture, I do not want to offer mere clothes, but experiences, I want my clients to take in each garment the creative soul of the collection, clothes with a great conceptual load, capable of generating a spark of thought. ”

Javier González


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