DESIGNER FRANK SORBIER – “The Show must go on”


Today is an opportunity for me to pay tribute to all the artists who inspire our senses – because music, dance and costume are universal.


The Show Man

Johnny may be gone, but his “Rock and Roll attitude” will remain forever. I had the chance to meet him and the happiness of dressing him in 2006 for his “Flash Back Tour”.

At another time, Johnny would have been Charleston. This is the theme of the collection starring Joséphine Baker and Sidney Bechet.


Thank you Manu Dibango for reviving this jazz related to the “Revue Negro”, also called the “Black Tumult”. Charleston, its dance steps and its furious rhythms still inspire even hip-hop or deep house dances. This is the time of the art of the party, it is “the binge” to madness.




Paul Colin is the star designer from those years, La Revue Negro, Mistinguett, Carlos Gardel, Damia, Suzy Solidor and accordionist Line Viala appeal to his talent. The silhouette is free and refined, the size descended more than originally (Year 20). Everything is in the ennoblement, the added value, the detail put there and not elsewhere.

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