Aesthetic Everything, The Beauty Social Network



Aesthetic Everything®, the only online social networking platform for the aesthetic and beauty industry worldwide. Join and be a part of this amazing network!

Aesthetic Everything® has helped thousands of aesthetic professionals network with each other. Now, members have new tools that make it easier for them to communicate, promote their business and events, find staff, and locate whatever they need. “Although our website had a huge following already, and was successful for the past 5 years, now that we have a social networking platform at Aesthetic Everything®, our 500,000 followers are now able to join, upload their own profiles and network with each other. This social media platform, created an incredible ‘togetherness’ for this industry that has never been done before, and I think that’s why it has been taking off”, says Vanessa Florez, CEO and Founder.


The website acts as a one-stop shop where professionals from the industry can find each other quite easily, and find all of the tools that they need for their practices and companies exclusive to the aesthetic and beauty industry. Whether its marketing, employment, staffing, medical supplies or other commonly in-demand services, no matter what you need, you will be able to find the people you need through this unique online community by automatically doing your own communications networking and posting within the network. is the site to go to for “everything” aesthetic, from Plastic/Cosmetic Surgeons, Dermatologists, Medical/Day/Resort Spas, Aestheticians, Suppliers, and Beauty Brands to connect with each other. “We are forging alliances with many organizations, trade associations and medical societies, publications and industry leaders, to always be on the forefront of the latest developments, newest techniques and most effective remedies/products the industry has to offer”, comments Ms. Florez. offers its members different levels of membership, starting with a completely FREE membership level that includes a full user profile. For an affordable $19.95 per month the Basic membership level delivers exceptional value, Unlimited Classifieds Posting, Member to Member Messaging, Real-time email notifications, and so much more! The higher the level you purchase, the more you can benefit from the features the program has to offer. To learn more and join, visit MORE opportunities to promote your business is the Annual Featured Membership level, at $4799.40 which has already drawn a number of members to take advantage of these great added benefits: Custom made Profile on our Featured Page, Inclusion in our Monthly Press Letter, 8 social media campaigns per year, Unlimited Posting Credits for Classifieds and Events, Personalized Service, Group and Forum Creation, Member to Member messaging, Featured Event Highlight, Real-time email notifications.

NEW opportunities for increased exposure include 3 brand new custom packages for premier members who need one on one assistance: The GOLD, PLATINUM and DIAMOND packages provide brands with an extensive amount of assistance in launching and promoting a beauty or aesthetic brand and taking it to a whole new level through Vanessa’s own personal contacts and connections. For more information on these packages, please e-mail Vanessa directly at

About Vanessa Florez: Born and raised in Tucson Arizona, Vanessa’s first love was music. With a full scholarship for Voice she thought one day she would become a professional singer, however after the death of her father led her in a different direction. She instead chose to get a more solid degree in business and learn about medicine at The University of Arizona. There she earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, with an emphasis in Medical Marketing and Business Psychology. Her interest in business and medicine led her to a career in Medical Sales and Marketing, conducting over 1500 Preceptor ships with medical doctors and a Preceptorship at Tufts University Medical School in Anatomy and Physiology placing her in the top 5% of the class and Preceptorship at Loma Linda University Medical School in Diabetes. Still yearning to do what she felt was her calling in life, Vanessa went back to her first love, music and still managing to achieve her music goals by writing and recording in the evenings, over 100 songs, while at the same time working a full time job in medical sales. All in all, Vanessa has proven to be a goal setting individual, stopping at nothing to achieve her dreams. Vanessa’s career over 2 decades, included top sales for companies like Nestle with an emphasis on hospital sales; then moving into medical sales, eventually settling full time to marketing plastic surgery products specializing in Facial Plastics, Dermatology and Skin Care, Facial Devices and Laser Equipment. Vanessa received President’s Awards for exceeding quota as well as National and Regional Territory Manager of the Year in consecutive years of her career. Ms. Florez founded Aesthetic Everything® Beauty Network with the primary focus of creating a networking opportunity within the Aesthetic industry, that she has been a part of for the past 10 years. With the economy declining, Vanessa found that if people just were able to connect with the right people, they could find everything they needed within the same community rather quickly. This is when Vanessa set out to create this very special and exclusive community. Vanessa, an avid networker herself, had learned over many years how just one meeting, or one conversation could turn into an incredible opportunity for herself and others. She has introduced 1000’s of people to each other over her lifetime. And this was the ultimate task, to see if a private social media online platform that brings together the entire aesthetic and beauty industry could actually be a success. As it turned out, she was right! She is seeing the same results that she has personally seen in her own life and career happening now for the entire industry.

Throughout her professional career, Vanessa has been working with charities within the medical industry, such as Facial Deformities, Domestic Violence and Wounded Warriors to name a few. She has also produced events for the awards season around the many activities which include celebrity and press, booking 100’s of clients to gift products. In addition, she has represented some A-List Celebrity Doctors and Celebrities placing them in numerous magazines and print, as well as covered press for entertainment events with her company Aesthetic Everything®.



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