The New Year 2018

There is a New Year dawning and most of us have so many plans, you can hear people say, “In the New Year, I’m going to….”  Understand that whatever you are going to do, you can do RIGHT NOW, we don’t need a New Year….

The New Year is a time for reflection….. a time to evaluate…. a time for something different….

For the past two months, I have been crunching numbers, looking at what have I done with my year…. Developing my Brand Influencer and Sponsorship Kit, (my marketing person says, this is no longer called a Media or Press Kit) How have I grown my business…. What things should I keep and what should I discontinue.  I was happy to learn my business has grown by 60% organically, my numbers were even a surprise to me…. How does this happen…..FOCUS….I am my own COMPETITION…. I’m not concerned about what anyone else is doing, I’m concerned that my company is growing….my goals are being met……I’m improving all the time….. I’m learning new things…..I’m raising the standards for my company and myself…. I’m staying true to my purpose not jumping from thing to thing…..

If you are not where you want to be, you may want to try something different as you go into the New Year….


Here are some ideas

  • Focus on where you are going with your business or career
  • Stay away from DRAMA
  • Provide first class service to EVERYONE
  • Listen to something positive EVERY SINGLE DAY
  • Keep your mind POSITIVE, even if everything around you is negative
  • Change the way you look at things and the things you look at will change
  • When people bring you negativity, ask yourself “Why is this person bringing me this negative news”… it may be that is the person you need to get rid of
  • Continue to educate yourself, no matter your level of education…. You can always learn something
  • Welcome mistakes, you learn from them
  • Wake up everyday with a purpose, even if you only do ONE thing that day….
  • Busy does not mean productive, be productive so you can see change
  • Think before you react
  • Let go of relationship that are toxic, if they are not helping you grow, let them go
  • Get a mentor, someone you respect
  • Fall down 5 times get up 6…
  • Be prepared for an opportunity so when it comes you are ready
  • Forgiveness takes place from WITHIN first
  • Exercise your mind, learn something new
  • Believe you can change and you can
  • You are what you FOUS on….
  • Live your life outside your limits
  • You have to go beyond your BREAKING POINT
  • You have to be willing to welcome change
  • Keep moving forward….
  • Enjoy the journey of life
  • Take responsibility for where you are right now
  • Understand some people love DRAMA, because nothing else is happening in their lives……RUN AWAY FROM THEM
  • RISE above any limits

Remember If you can’t walk, CRAWL, if you can’t run, WALK, but keep moving forward, keep moving, no matter how many people come for you, no matter how much negativity they try to throw on you…. Keep moving forward and stay focus.

Everyone has a SUPERPOWER…. My SuperPower is the ability to IGNORE, ignore the negative, ignore the haters, ignore the jealous people…. Find your SUPERPOWER and use it

Stop responding to every single comment people say about you on Social Media whether direct or subliminal, when you respond to negativity you are like a puppet on a string…. Every time they push your buttons or pull your strings you react….STOP, learn the SUPERPOWER of Ignore.

Keep your environment POSITIIVE, time waits for no one, what are your goals for your life, get started…..Even when you have a negative thought, work thru it, stop negativity even if its coming from you…. Let your mind be a growing field of positive thoughts and emotions….. do what the other 98% of the world is not doing…. Keep growing….. keep moving…. Keep focus…..

The strongest enemy is the enemy WITHIN… our own SELF TALK… our subconscious mind…the one that says, “you know they don’t like you”, “you can’t do that”, “You too this or you too that” most of us talk ourselves out of our own greatness…. being afraid to even try, ….STOP…. Try, if it doesn’t work, find out what you need to improve and TRY AGAIN ….. and keep trying… keep improving….. no one can guarantee you will be successful, but if you don’t try you will NEVER be successful….

You are the only one that can change your life and it all starts with a decision…..change is not hard, the decision to change is hard… If you are not satisfied with where you are, DECIDE today to make your life different….. look at where you want to go and get your plan to go there… write your plan down, put it on your calendar so that everyday you see it and are reminded of where you want to go….take ACTION

This is your dream, not someone else, so don’t expect everyone to believe in your dream, you must be willing to WALK ALONE… you must understand that people are not going to BELIEVE IN YOU… you must BELIEVE IN YOURSELF…. And keep going… I always remember Steve Jobs….. fired from a company he started… he did not quit, he kept going…. And look at his company now…. He lived long enough to bring it back from bankruptcy….to get it on solid ground….he saw his dream realized….Friends will turn against you in jealously, people will abandon you.. Your best friends will go negative and talk about you, the people you thought you could trust you cannot….but kept your eye on the prize and stay focused….DON’T QUIT……

model with popsicle posing for fashion shoot

You cannot change what has happened in the past, but you can control the outcome of your future…. You can sit and dwell on “oh this happen to me, oh that happen to me” it happened, now move on, you cannot change that.  If you continue to stay in that place you cannot move forward…

Live your life with integrity, forgiving people is not a weakness, it’s a SuperPower, learn the art of forgiveness, if you are harboring envy, jealously, bitterness….this is like a cancer, it will eat you from the inside out, let it go, so you can grow….

I thank GOD for the people who have stuck with me and the relationships I have developed…. My Partner, Allison V. Brown… here is a person that gives of himself unconditionally….. When we have a project… his thinking….what do we need to do to get this done…..we sit down and discuss our goals and dreams….I would not be where I am without him and this is true, yes, I could still have gotten things accomplished, but when you have someone that thinks too, it’s such a help.

I am thankful for my Partnership with Billie Blunt (BB Magazine) I always wanted to partner up with another company to develop different ideas and projects,  I spoke with many companies but none had the drive or commitment that BB Magazine has shown.  Our first meeting we started talking at 6:00pm and finished at 1:30am….we were on the same page…we had the same focus and idea…we had the same goals for our companies…. I am so thankful for this Partnership.

Make this the year for change, for growth, for focus, for a positive life… if change is going to happen, it’s up to you…..

Happy New Year from the Friendliest People in the Fashion Industry, Your Fashion Family…. Fashion Avenue News….

P.S. There are still tickets available for our annual New Years Eve Event, visit our Luxury Brand Page Side Menu for more info.


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