Measurable Difference® – Guide to New Year’s Eve Party Makeup

Chrislie’s Measurable Difference® is the cosmetic choice of makeup-loving millennials and more, offers these quick tips for instant glamour this holiday season:

Clean, Neutral Skin
Keeping skin perfect and refined during the stressful holiday season may be challenging. Measurable Difference® Facial Nano Steamer applies a micro fine jet of purified steam to the face and neck—even over makeup. It’s ideal for refreshing the skin after a long day at the office, en route to a night out on the town, or even for just a quick midday refresher.

Kiss-Me Lips
Under the mistletoe and when the clock strikes midnight, Luv2Kiss waterproof lip liner (SRP $9.99) prevents both lip gloss and lipstick from bleeding and feathering outside those perfectly pouted lines. Another must-have that’s much needed during those cold winter chills is the Lip Balms that come in six yummy flavors and scents.

Sculpted Cheeks
Measurable Difference® Contour Kit sculpts cheekbones and jaw line transforming the face for that runway-ready look, adding shape and highlighting that gorgeous facial structure. In addition, it contains two blendable tones (sculpting + highlighter), to give it a refined, poreless finish.

Seductive Gaze
If there ever was a time to rock the smoky eye, it’s during New Year’s Eve, according to parent company Chrislie and Lashem CEO, Helga Arminak. “The runway trick to keeping the smoky eye from looking too dark and closed-up is the faux lash,” reveals Arminak. “Unless the lashes are extended with either clusters or a full set of lashes, the black liner and deeply pigmented shadow can make your eyes look smaller. A truly seductive gaze means large, luminous eyes, which are well-defined by lush, lengthened lashes.”

Measurable Difference® brand offers a fun array of Lash Attitude faux lashes in a variety of lengths and configurations that are named after various dance techniques from the, wide-set fringe of “Samba” to the lush, dense coverage of “Waltz” (individual styles, SRP $2.99 per pair). For versatility, Arminak suggests theMeasurable Difference® Hall of Fame Faux Lashes Style Set, which includes an assortment of 8 pairs in different styles and lengths, with enough adhesive to cover 3–4 applications per pair. A touch of sparkle at the corners of the eyes always brings out a flattering shine for a glitzy finish! Arminak suggests two eye shadow collections from her line—“After Party” and “Midnight”, which are the quintessential smoky-eye kits that include graphite, steel and pewter metallics for creating deep contrast. Between gala events, beauty regimens are hard to keep up with; however, cleansing and exfoliation are an essential part of keeping skin pristine and party-ready. The Rejuvabrush is designed to cleanse and massage the face, while leaving skin more polished for a luminous, fresh look to welcome 2018.

About Chrislie
The Chrislie ( Measurable Difference ® brand offers on-trend cosmetics with a feminine, yet playful sense of style ranging from classic neutrals to bold hues. Chrislie is an up-and-coming cosmetics marketplace for the modern trendsetter. Sporting a number of in-house brands, Chrislie aims to boost a woman’s confidence with affordable, quality-made, easy-to-use products that allow her to be anyone she’d like. Apply confidence.

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