Back to Black! Covet the Classic

Timelessly elegant. Sexy. Versatile. Black is anything but boring, and we got proof! we bring you new ways to work the trend…

 Be Bold

Ever since Kylie Jenner made the dark lipstick socially acceptable, almost all dark tones are suitable to conjure eye-catching statement lips. Those who are particularly brave resort to black lipstick. It gives its owner something mysterious and suggests a strong sense of self-awareness. At the same time, it forms the perfect basis for holographic lips, where special lip-gloss conjures up a holographic effect on the lips and makes them shimmer in the colors of the rainbow.

Better yet, what’s good for the lips can’t go wrong on the fingertips: Black Nail polish is the canvas for dazzling effects, holographics and glitter particles!

A Pinch of Precision

Black has a season ticket – especially for the eyes, in the form of kohl pencil, eyeliner and mascara. Now we’re spoilt for choice, with an abundance of products with ultrafine tips that give a precise result. In addition to eyeliner, kohl and mascara eye shadow in black is a true all-rounder – for those of us who tend to smudge liquid eyeliner (come on, we’ve all been there!), the beveled brush has come to our rescue! Simply apply some black eye shadow directly on the eyelash edge. Not only is this much easier to do, it also conjures a very natural result.

 Smoke Signals

“Smoky Eyes” provide special moments, because they are a sure fire way to ooze sex appeal. The trick is to get a result where the eyelids are not just dipped in deep black, but look smudgy and smoky. The best way to achieve this is to apply a dark cream eye shadow over the eyelid fold and then blend it out with a special brush. An even complexion and subtle nude lips are the perfect accessories to this look.

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