Scentbird Hand Cream Collection


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First to Launch: Scentbird Hand Cream Collection in Six Noteworthy Fragrances

For the first time ever, Scentbird has expanded its fragrance universe to include 20 namesake products all slated to roll out within the next few months. The line of curated personal care and home fragrance products are all uniquely developed based on consumer insights and will include paraben and sulfate free hand creams and shower products in addition to scented candles.

“Since the very inception of Scentbird, we have been dreaming of creating our very own line of scents and this month, we’re proud to have made that dream a reality,” says CEO and Co-Founder, Mariya Nurislamova.

“What makes our new product line so valuable to consumers is how we approached the curation of each scent. Over the past few years, we have gotten to know the Scentbird consumer quite intimately. Everything from what makes them love one scent and hate another, to what trends inspire them or turn them on completely. Through customer feedback and insights, Scentbird has taken that knowledge and bottled it up, very literally. Each scent we developed is not only delectable, but also modern and unexpected, specially crafted to ensure scent and quality are forever paramount.”

The first line of products to come to market will feature six cruelty-free hand creams formulated with moisture-rich vitamins, essential oils and real fruit extracts. The luxurious Scentbird Hand Creams are all individually delicately perfumed and quickly absorb into the skin leaving no unwanted residue or tackiness.

The collection of Scentbird Hand Creams feature the following scents:

• Rose & Prosecco
Vibrant rose notes with a touch of fizzy freshness formulated with real rosehip oil, vitamins A+E infused with oils and soothing aloe leaf

• Cucumber & Lotus
Crisp cucumber meets lush lotus blossom, formulated with natural cucumber extract, vitamin A+ E infused oils and soothing aloe leaf

• White Tea & Fig
Russian tea with a dash of sweet fig formulated with white tea extract, vitamin A + E infused oils, and soothing aloe leaf

• Earl Grey & Blackberry
A unique blend of earl grey and fresh picked berries formulated with natural blackberry extract, vitamin A + E infused oils, and soothing aloe leaf

• Pineapple & White Amber
A delicious mix of pineapple and amber formulated with natural pineapple extract, vitamin A + E infused oils, and soothing aloe leaf

• Yuzu & Ginger
Citrusy Yuzu underlined with spicy ginger formulated with natural ginger extract, vitamin A + E infused oils, and soothing aloe leaf

Tube Size (50 ml; 1.7 FL Oz.)

The Scentbird Hand Cream Collection is available now online at and is available to Scentbird subscribers (plans starting at $14.95 per month) or a la carte for $16.50 each.


Scentbird is a digital subscription service that allows members to choose from over 450 designer perfumes each month. As one of the fastest-growing beauty subscription services, Scentbird provides consumers with a niche option to “date” before “marrying” a luxury fragrance. Delivered in a sleek, refillable package, fragrance lovers can now explore established labels including Guerlain and Dolce, Gucci, and Dolce & Gabbana as well as cult-favorite brands like Juliette Has A Gun, Nest and Room 1015.

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