Hand Care Tips


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 After your face, hands are part of your body that people notice most. In spite of this, hands are one of the most neglected parts of your body. we show you how to keep them in top condition…

 Why do it?

Due to relentless use of your hands, washing and exposure to all kinds of weather, your hands are fastest aging parts of your body. If you do not do hand-care properly, they can actually make you look and feel older than you really are. The skin on back of your hands is thin and delicate, so taking proper care of them is essential to dry cracked hands and premature aging.

For the glove of it

Consider wearing hand care gloves before exposing your hands to a lot of water, chemicals or while working in garden. It will also stop you getting dirt under your nails and from chipping your mani! In winter while going out, pull on a pair of mittens or gloves, as cold winter air can quickly strip away moisture from your hands.

M is for Moisturize

Washing your hands frequently during the day dries out your hand’s skin quickly, particularly in winter. It’s best to apply moisturizing hand cream on your hands at least three-four times a day. For daytime use, choose a light, water based and fast absorbing moisturizing hand lotion. On the other hand, a heavier oil-based cream is good for night, so that it may soak in while you are sleeping to leave soft and hydrated hands in the morning. If you have to go through multiple washing of your hands due to lot of housework, start and end your day with a heavy best hand cream for added protection.

Top Tip!
While applying hand lotion on your hands, give them a quick massage. You can start from fleshy part of your hand near the base of the thumb, and then work each finger from base to tip.


Gently rub back of your damp hands with salt or sugar, then rinse. The grainy texture of the salt scrape away old dead skin cells and improves blood circulation, making your hands’ skin look fresh and glowing. Alternatively, you can use facial exfoliant on your thin-skinned back of hands instead of scrub which you use for your body.

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