Blonde Bombshell – Hair Colors for Every Skin Tone

fashion studio photo of gorgeous woman with blond  hair wears bl

From platinum to honey, ombré to soft strawberry, we show you how to get the best out of your blonde!

 Warm vs Cold Platinum

Fair skin works wonderfully with warm platinum – think Gwen Stefani or Elle Fanning. Finish the look with winged eyeliner and red lips for a truly striking allure.
Cool platinum has been hailed as the ‘modern, pale platinum’, because it balances out the yellow tinge in skin tones. It’s a bold look, so ask your colorist for an allover ashy blonde with a slight golden tone.


The shade works perfectly with her light eyes and light skin. The secret of mastering this look is out – ask your hairdresser for a mix of butter, gold, and honey. The result? A natural look rather than bleached-out or overprocessed. Need some inspo? Think Karlie Kloss and Kate Hudson.

Golden Ombré

Who better to channel than that of Blake Lively’s locks? Applying ombré to a golden-strawberry blonde by adding honey highlights through the midlengths of your hair and ever-so-slightly lighter ends will have you swishing that beachy color around all night.

Fashion photography. Girls in black and gray dress in designer studio on a gray background. Girl blonde in raslablennoy pose. The girl brunette posing. Advertising clothes

Soft Strawberry

Think sex symbol Scarlett Johansson’s rich and warm tone. Perfect for medium tone skin, ask your stylist for a dark blonde base with cool-toned highlights on the midlength and ends.
Beautiful Blonde Girl. Retro Vintage Hairstyle

Baby Blonde Ends

If you’re blessed with olive tone skin like J-Lo, this look is for you. It’s a mix of blonde, bronde and brunette, with the shade heading lighter towards the ends. Literally a life saver if you worry about your roots!

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