BABOR HSR Lifting – The Anti-wrinkle Expert

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HSR Lifting is a luxurious, anti-wrinkle skincare range suitable for all skin types. It counteracts the most important causes of wrinkle formation: the loss of volume and elasticity, the slowing down of the skin’s metabolism and the hardening of the dermal matrix. Five high-performance active ingredients are perfectly combined to combat all types of wrinkles and loss of skin tone. This innovative range of precision skincare products with a firming effect ensures skin looks smoother, more elastic and more youthful.

 10-30-2017 bab05.01com-babor-hsr-lifting-extra-firming-cream 2
Multitendyn Plus: extracts of soybeans, peas and millet in combination with tannic acid, reduce wrinkles, strengthen tissue and smooth the surface of the skin.Lupinus: lupine extracts improve the elasticity of the skin and redefine facial contours.

Carnosin: the amino acid L-carnosine reduces the formation of wrinkles caused by glycation.

10-30-2017 bab05.04com-babor-hsr-lifting-extra-firming-serum
Relaxo Peptide: Oligopeptides from hibiscus seeds have a “botox-like” effect and reduce expression lines by reducing muscle contractions.Neuro-Receptor Peptide: Hexapeptide-47 reduces fine lines and wrinkles caused by dry skin and ensures a smoother appearance by reducing transepidermal water loss.

10-30-2017 bab05.05com-babor-hsr-lifting-extra-firming-hand-cream
These HSR lifting experts combine luxury and results:

HSR lifting extra firming cream 50 ml £89*
HSR lifting extra firming cream rich 50 ml £98*
HSR lifting extra firming eye cream 30 ml £66*
HSR lifting extra firming serum 30 ml £102*
HSR lifting extra firming hand cream 50 ml £49*

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