Designer and Spanish designer, born in Valencia on December 12. It is one of the Spanish figures most prominent in the world of fashion, eminently innovative and surprising character in its parades in which combines light and sound, dance and music, to become majestic shows.


He began his academic training in the school of art and crafts in his hometown, graduating in the fields of Interior design and design. In 1963 his creative restlessness led him to transform the traditional family industry into a study of decoration. At the beginning of the 1970s produced the consolidation of its fashion store in the city of Valencia and at the same time brings together and makes up its professional team. In these years he opened more stores and establishes a chain of buying and selling. He made his first collection in Madrid, in which dominate the colors red and black. The following season presents another collection in the hotel Ritz de Barcelona. The media response was very favorable.


In 1978, at the teatro Olimpia of Barcelona, La collection that will be the most talked about parade presented to more than a thousand people. Already here shows his creative talent in the colorful, line, make-up, hairstyle, footwear and fashion accessories. Montesinos parades become manifestations that transcend the scope of fashion.


In 1979 his presentation takes place in Paris, producing the encounter of the designer with the prêt à porter international. In the 1980s he began its great collections of sport Wear and skin that reaches a great commercial success without giving up its approaches to creation and Vanguard. From this moment it opens shops in the main cities of Spain.

In February 1985 he made a parade of his autumn-winter collection in the halls of the Círculo Mercantil of Madrid that was awarded the V golden needle of Daphnis for the best collection of the year, thus becoming the first Spanish designer to receive this award. His concept of made in spain ends on September 26, 1985 with the presentation of its collection summer 86 in the Bullring of Madrid sales convened by about 15,000 people. In 1986 he received the IMPIVA award Generalitat Valenciana.

In February 1989 the parade of his collection took place autumn-winter in the Cibeles catwalk within the week dedicated to the fashion of Spain.

During the years 2001 and 2002, he made collections of children’s clothing for Querol, and backpacks and school supplies for Safta. In addition, he was appointed President of the Association of prêt – à porter Industrial of the Valencian Community (IVP). The following year, 2003, presented the “Collection of collections” parade in Madrid, attended by 10,000 people. In 2004 he presented his collection of costume jewellery and jewels Montesinos-Alama for Gromada.

Also has designed chairs for the firm Andreu World, has license of carpets and household linen manufactured by O.A.T., and footwear license, created and designed by him and produced by by-pass.

Some of his most outstanding works are the design of the Opel Tigra (1995) limited series, as well as costumes for the world premiere of the Swan Lake, of the National Ballet of Cuba, which received the performing arts award for best costumes in 2001; for the Gypsy de Antonio Canales ballet, winner of the critics Prize for best costumes, and for the film by Pedro Almodóvar, Matador.

Finally it is worth mentioning that the Valencian Institute of modern art published the catalogue Francis Montesinos, the reason for a Spanish fashion (1950-2003), which collects all the work of the designer.PS17_FrancisMontesinos_074

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