Models Own Celestial Collection



Whether you are heading to a music festival or just love a little glitter in your life, the Celestial collection from Models Own will leave you sparkling, happy and the envy of wannabe unicorns everywhere.

Our new festival inspired collection will take you on a journey to a charmed universe where fairy dust is your new reality. Allow yourself to create your makeup look with everything from iridescent and holographic eyeshadow palettes to lips and a touch of fairy dust to unleash your inner sparkle. Our Models Own Limited Edition makeup collection takes inspiration from the gorgeous, ethereal festival goers, paired with the holographic and iridescent makeup pigments.

Encompassing two Chrome lip toppers, five dazzling lip glitter shades, two face glitter kits, and an Enchanted Eye Palette, there’s a special something for anyone looking to get bright, beautiful, and full of charm.


Enchanted Eye Palettemo01.01com-models-own-celestial-enchanted-eyeshadow-palette-highres
Be the queen of hearts with this Celestial Enchanted  eyeshadow palette. From ladylike hues to fairytale blooms, live happily ever after. Shades in the palette from left to right: Purity, Magical, Graceful, Entice, Allure, Charming, With Love, Doves, Angelic, Divine

£14.99 / $17.99



Celestial Face Glitter Kit


Whether on the Saint Antonio strip or the fields of Glastonbury this Celestial Face Glitter Kit has your festival look covered. Create unique designs with ease with the Celestial face stencils

£8.99 / $10.99

Celestial Chrome Lip Topper

Create an otherworldy pout with the Celestial Chrome Lip Topper. Applied over your favourite matte lip colour, this longwear formula is loaded with reflective pigment for a multidimensional finish.mo01.03com-models-own-celestial-glitter-face-kit-highres

£7.99 / $7.99


Models Own new Celestial collection might just make your magical dreams come true!

The Celestial collection is available in the UK at

Available exclusively at ULTA in the US/Canada

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