Tim Gunn Surprises Over 6,000 Avon Beauty Bosses at the company’s annual RepFest in Nashville.

TN to Announce Avon as the Official Beauty Sponsor for Project Runway Season 16

Photo by Rob Loud

This past Sunday, Project Runway host and mentor, Tim Gunn, surprised an audience of 6,000 Avon Beauty Bosses (independent sales Reps) in Nashville at their annual RepFest Convention to announce a key partnership for the upcoming season.

Avon will serve as the official beauty sponsor for Lifetime’s critically-acclaimed and Emmy nominated design competition series for season 16. Gunn was on hand to share details about the partnership, including how Avon will be releasing behind-the-scenes content on the brand’s social channels to help viewers create “runway to reality” looks at home. With a team led by makeup artist Hector Simancas, Avon will be creating the makeup look on models helping to bring the contestants’ visions to life.

Photo by Rob Loud

“Avon is legendary in the beauty world,” said Gunn during his remarks. “It is a brand that embodies the values of freedom, inspiration and empowerment, which are core to Project Runway’s mission of inspiring up-and-coming fashion entrepreneurs. We can’t wait to debut Avon beauty on our catwalk, with simply stunning and wildly creative applications that perfect each designer look. Get ready to tune-in to another exciting season, and learn how to replicate each runway-inspired look with Avon!”

Photo Credit: Rob Loud

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